Gaming Excellence: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel actually takes place two thousand years before the events in the first Sacred. The world of Ancaria is still somewhat young, and the High Elves still rule. The humans are treated like underlings behind a giant wall, and all sorts of evil runs around in the land. There's also a civil war brewing between two factions of High Elves: one faction wishes to use the energy to keep order and peace in the world, and the other wishes to kill everybody else, plain and simple.

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marichuu3837d ago

I cream my pants every time I hear "Sacred 2"
Just... give me the goddamn game ><
I still can't get over the feature where you can bring your character on a memory card to a friend's place and just plug it in and join his game while he's playing. The difficulty, drop rates and everything adjusts as soon as someone joins.