Epic Games won't ever make a game for the Wii: "we go forward, not back"

When asked whether there would ever be a time when Epic would be forced to give in and create a game for the Wii, Capps said, "no, we go forward, not back. It makes more sense for us to invest in the next-generation tech."

As for why he believes the Wii has become so popular, he says it's like a virus that just keeps spreading

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SUP3R3834d ago

Couldn't agree with you more Epic.

chaosatom3333834d ago

so that means they will be working on ps3 after they are done with 360 in a few years because 360 will be last-gen by then and ps3 will be the next-gen. lol.

Bloodwar3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Sadly, Chaosatom, nothing yet since the PS3 has come out has proven that it is next gen. (since the 360 came out first and the PS3 games coming out have not been better than the 360 versions, that makes the PS3 "present gen") The Xbox 360 games continue to be as good or better than their PS3 counterparts, whereas the PS3 versions are as good or worse than their Xbox 360 cousins. You obviously haven't done your research. In closing, I would like to announce to the world that the Wii is last gen, the PS3 is present gen and the Xbox 360 is next gen. lol

Homicide3834d ago

For saying what many don't have the balls to say. I love you Epic!

This is probably the first time PS3 and 360 fanboys can unite and say that only on PS360 can you experience true gaming masterpieces with 1080p HD graphics. With wii, you get 480p and kiddy games.

etownone3834d ago

gotta completely agree with you.

XGRaViSmOrSX3834d ago

the reason 360 games are looking better right now...incase you havent noticed the ps3 gets 360 ports so therefore the code isnt made for the ps3. conversely if you get a ps3 lead platform game ported to 360 i think you will find the same results. better to compare 1st party to first party instead of 3rd party crappy ports....

3834d ago
GIJeff3834d ago

...then what do you call epics UT3 on PS3? its better than GOW on 360(graphically anyways, gameplay is OPINION). do you really believe that when the 360 eventually gets UT3 that it will be better than the ps3? you are on crack. take your fanboy comments elsewhere.

Bubble Buddy3834d ago

Just like in the song: "It's a cheap ps2 dressed up as a mac".

nbsmatambo3834d ago

I mean, they obviously wanna stay up to date on graphics and the Wii can not offer that.

DLC is another thing they like to give out, but unfortunately Wii doesnt have an HDD.

samfk3834d ago

i can understand that nintendo is a mssve franchise yest the game cube was a flop compared to the wii !! man if people are so impressed with a diff controller it makes me wonder!!now im no nintendo hater heres the but !! it can only be bad for tech if the other companies think that cheep gimmicks is the way to go .

Montrealien3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

In other news, water is wet....

DO we care? does it matter? It is stupid to even come out and say this cause anybody with half a brain already knew this...

And speaking of gimmicks, one could argue that high end graphics is infact a gimmick in it's own right. And fanboys, Unite! yes do that, show us the true power of the fanboy!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, what a bunch of loser fanboys! Give them some hell boys, rip em up, show us what being a fanboy is all about, pissing on anything that is what you don't like...

Just like in the song: "It's a cheap ps2 dressed up as a mac, that is pwning all the big boys in sales, the mind boggles".


Fanboy = little videogame fascist

otherZinc3833d ago

It makes me feel great that someone finally says the truth. The Wii is a mom, grandma, granddad, kiddie, one time play through last gen machine.

Thanks for having the BALLS to tell the truth!

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3834d ago

its not worth doing a game on wii not to even sell.

Voiceofreason3834d ago

Like that ever happens with Wii games.. You fanboys need new material. GH3 on Wii outsold the 360 and PS3 versions.

pwnsause3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Guitar Hero III is a casual game. its makes sense that soccer moms buy it. thats why it outsold the other versions. now try to sell something thats hardcore oriented. no one on that platform will buy a game thats aimed for the hardcore. look at "No More Heroes". that game was awesome for a wii game. but people didnt buy "No More Heroes", instead they formed the line to buy "carnival games" rofl. you know that wii is a casual platform cause of that. its been like that since nintendo introduced the wiifit last year at E3 and gave the boot to its core group

jessupj3834d ago

I actually laughed out loud when I saw the title. Also the statement about the wii spreading like a virus couldn't be closer to the truth :)

Good on you epic, you've gone up a knotch *thumbs up*

Montrealien3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

soccer moms casual and real gamers > fanboys, who think hardcore means someting.

@ mister pwnsauce

It has been like that since 1984, noob.

pwnsause3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

"It has been like that since 1984, noob."

??? really its been like that? so that means they should be buying games like Okami and no more heroes if it has been like that since 1984. you're an idiot. in 1984 casuals werent thinking about video games at the time until now. have you seen a 74 year old grumpy looking man playing games before the wii? just stop posting, stop failing. I owned every nintendo console since 1984 with the excemption of the wii. NES,SNES,N64,Gamecube. heck and the virtual boy and the game boy systems. and all these consoles had games made for the hardcore. my mom hated video games until the wii, cause she looks at it now as an "excercising machine", those are the casuals that are making third party devs realize that they cant make an adventure game, but a casual driven game like carnival games. lmao.

this console, the wii just took a boot to the core gamer (the hardcore gamer that loved the zelda and mario games) and kicked them in the [email protected]@ out. why dont you watch the E307 nintendo conference so you can see the reception the hardcore audience received when the wiifit was introduced.

Montrealien3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

heehe, cute.

If you define a hardcare gmaer by the ammount of time that is played I will repeat....


pwnsause3833d ago

noob? for bascially saying that the amount of time played playing a game is depends if you're hardcore or not? then tell me about world of warcraft, when you pay a monthly bill to play a rpg such as warcraft just to play for hours just to get a rare item or complete a quest, is that casual? i think people will just not listen to you if you say thats casual. im not talking to you anymore. stop calling people a noob, dont make this worse for yourself.

Montrealien3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

lol, funny. Go ask that in a WoW forum, they will be the first to tell you that is a casual player. I have been playing wow since launch, I am a proud casual wow player. self-pwnedsauce.

All i`m saying is that Nintendo have been aiming that market since 1984, if you did`nt understand that, what can I say?

I play CoD 4 on the 360 , Team fortress 2 and BF2142/2/1942 + mods and WoW on PC, Gran Turismo 5 on my sexy PS3. Huge Rock band/guitar Hero player and the list goes on and on and on. I will never be a hardcore gamer by your standards yet I know a crap load about games, have been gaming since I got my first Vic 20 and I absolutly hate any form of fanboyism...oh and I run my own little Videogame store here in Mtl.

who the **** am I? a gamer.

Edit: Sorry for calling you a noob.

pwnsause3833d ago

you're not a gamer then, your a gamer who buys games, thus you're a hardcore gamer. hardcore gamers buy games you dumb thats why software attach ratios are higher on the 360 and ps3 than on the wii.

Montrealien3833d ago

I am not a hardcore gamer, labels are for....umm, noobs and teens. I am a guy who like videogames.

sorry for calling yo a noob.....again.

The Wii has good attachment rates, about the same as the Ps3 I believe. The wii is aimed at ALL. Put that in your noggin! And Nintendo have been trying and dreaming of this since the FC came out. That is all.

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Slayer OP3834d ago

Im pretty sure most developers feel this way as well.

Odiah3834d ago

I mean, just look at the big guys like Square Enix and Capcom, they aren't making anything for wii.

Oh, wait.

Voiceofreason3834d ago

And I am pretty sure you dont have a clue what you are talking about.

spandexxking3834d ago

or they cant bare to produce anything that they know will look crap or have dodgy controls, yeah thats right im looking at you wiimote!

Palodios3834d ago

Yes and no. While Square makes spinoff games and gaidens, and the like for the ds, psp and the Wii, as does Capcom, and a lot of companies... Where do the big games go? Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Assasin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, Fallout... do I need more? Besides Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter, which are very japanese centered, and the cashcow sonic games, name one big name third-party series that has gone to the wii for its REAL(and numbered) games.

misterssippi3834d ago

@ Odiah
Capcom's big games: Lost Planet, Dead Rising, RE5, DMC4, SF4 (PS360).
Capcom table scraps: Okami (Wiinee)

Square Enix big game: Final Fantasy XI,XII (PS360)
Square Enix table scraps: Final Fantasy Chocobos Dungeon, which is about a cutsie yellow chicken (Wiinee)

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v1c1ous3834d ago

while i do agree the wii certainly has been lacking some big name titles and overall power, he should have been more diplomatic about it.

this type of talk, wether you agree with it, does not sound very professional. Mike shouldn't burn bridges he might have to cross in the future, specially after UT3 looked like it was going to be a flop for a while after release. He doesn't know if a nintendo console might have to be his company's saving grace in the future.

and while i agree ps3/360 have certainly more content to warrant them as definitive game consoles of choice, to deny that there are a few gems on wii, some already available and some coming, is ignorant. every console has some worthwhile games, one just has to not be as judgemental about it.

yes, i will admit i have not touched my wii (lol) in months since my 360 satisfies my gamer streak more than enough, but as a hardcore gamer i can justify that the wii is currently not meeting my level of desire as a hardcore gamer, but casuals are living it up. and i must remind everyone, that before someone becomes a hardcore gamer, one first goes their newbie stage. if anything, the wii is the newbie console that will give birth to the hardcore gamer of tomorrow. baby steps mike.

i'd rather someone new to gaming starts off with something easy on wii that's more about substance, than a freaking FPS with cursing and emphasis on gr4ph1x and give them the idea that 4 million shades of brown is what makes up a good videogame.

e-ray3834d ago

If by casuals "living it up" you mean playing Wii Sports every once in a great while, then I agree.

v1c1ous3833d ago

would you rather have someone whose first game was wii sports decide to be your teammate online for his 2nd game ever or someone new to vidgames period? :)

lesser of two evils?

Panthers3834d ago

Glad to hear someone say it.