Meet Ingeo an Android Dock That Makes Your Phone The Console

The Ouya and the Nivida Sheild have made their splash in the android gaming market but that’s not stopping a company called Ingeonix. Ingeonix is stepping it up by making an Android gaming dock which makes your phone the console

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ATi_Elite1886d ago

....and this is how the consoles shall meet their DEMISE.

Go ahead and RAGE disagree but MS/Sony streaming to phones and tablets instead of wasting money on Hardware is what will happen AFTER this short GEN(XB1/PS4).

You're just ignorant of the rapid advancements in Technology or just a fanboy if you doubt this but please feel free to respond back with Lame comments and insults as i would be SHOCKED if anyone could say anything intelligent enough to challenge the FACTS.

Apple can do this at ANYTIME now that the iPhone 5C is so cheap and has snap on controllers. Apple games are making nice profits for it's market and with the iPhone 5C Apple is looking to expand and COMPLETELY dominate the mobile market.

It's only a matter of time before Apple looks to bring it's mobile Power house to the Living room by combining iPads, iPhones, with it's Apple TV and stream games.

There is just too many forms of powerful hardware out there for Sony/Ms to continue wasting time and money making consoles when they could be utilizing said hardware.

Look at Valve, You guys make the Hardware and we will provide the FREE OS and a HUGE library of games. How simple is that.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1886d ago

I agree, I do think however that next gen is gonna be long, but it's most probably gonna be the last console generation. Seeing how fast mobile devices are evolving. (Ps. I accidentally disagreed)

schlanz1881d ago

I do think consoles will become a thing of the past but honestly I could see there being one more cycle after this.

Bandwidth is probably the main issue. A lot of people (and countries) don't have HSI capable of streaming HD quality content. Once HSI penetration is higher globally this won't be as much of a concern.

Another thing would be peripherals. If there is one thing that can keep consoles going it's innovation with regard to things like Kinect/Move and god-knows-what with Nintendo's next system (Nintendo will most assuredly have another system with some kind of gimmick; and I don't mean that in a negative way.) But obviously that is contingent on how well-executed those gimmicks are. If Sony/MS/Nintendo were able to make some kind of full blown VR thing that makes Occulus Rift look pedestrian by comparison, you ought to believe it will justify another console gen.

No one can predict what kind of innovation we will see in the next few years, in the mobile space or otherwise. I think we will definitely see streaming services on mobiles that could effectively replace many people's console needs; however you can't rule out innovation in the hardware space that a mobile and/or streaming services cannot supersede.

Bolts1887d ago

Its only a matter of time when the phones and tablets will support docking or streaming to the TV natively.

schlanz1881d ago

Matter of time? They have been for years.

MidNite1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

It looks good but I'd get the android mini PC 1080p, quad core hdmi, wifi with blu- tooth for 80 bucks... from Amazon.

ATi_Elite1886d ago

Samsung Galaxy 4 for me!