10 games to balance out the violence of Grand Theft Auto V

Maybe you feel sick over the infamous torture scene in Grand Theft Auto V and want to amend for all the crimes you’ve committed since September. We feel you. Rockstar’s latest game is far from the epitome of an ethical or empathetic game.

These games are. With a little help from the Electronic Software Association to get us started, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 games that you can play or support to get in touch with morality again.

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JeffGrubb1837d ago

Some games I had never heard of before on here. Very cool.

1837d ago
Tolkoto1837d ago

I hadn't heard of any of them :)

RAFFwaff1837d ago

i usually like to water my lovely flowers in Animal Crossing after a murder session in Gta. Beat up a pedestrian, then plant a tree. Beautiful.....

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