Microsoft announcing Xbox One's achievement 'expansion' soon, will be more 'creative'

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has revealed that the company has big plans for something new in regards to how achievements work on the Xbox One.

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P0werVR1837d ago

Well, they were the first ones to make it prevalent. I don't see why they shouldn't make it better and more immersive.

Godmars2901837d ago

Just sounds like they're planing on separating gaming achievements from others like commercials, movies, TV shows and what not.

Basically doing all the things they're currently saying they aren't doing, like using achievements as a means to get people to watch ads and gather user information on them.

Vames1837d ago

Tell me, where in the following quote does it sound like Microsoft is planning to use achievements as a means to watch ads?

"Yeah, we’ll probably go into that in more detail in the October time-frame, but you will see some I’ll say “expansion” of what Achievements are and I won’t say too much now, but it is an area that Xbox 360 gamers have come to love and it’s something we think putting a bit more creativity into would be a good thing."

These type of comments need to stop. I mean, Godmars290, you sound like a child or a fricking manchild for crying out loud.

Godmars2901837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )


It sounds like nothing. An announcement of an announcement for an announcement. That it could be anything.

But really, what can they expand with achievements? What aspect of them have 360 gamers been wanting from them they haven't gotten?

They could just as well be planning on separating them into different categorizes of game genres, but would that really make sense if they plan on selling the XB1 to the general public as a multimedia system? Wouldn't it make more sense to categorize achievements into different media categorizes or aspects?

Mystogan1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

You have gone full Sony troll ever since nextgen announcement. And I see you reaped the benefits(bubbles), But at what cost?

Godmars2901837d ago

Are you talking about the original XB1 announcement which basically been about draconian policies that would have given MS more rights that people who bought it?

Yes. I originally became a "Sony fanboy" when Xbox 360 fanboys did nothing but attack people looking for help in regards to RROD, then overly praising MS at each step they took towards eventually fixing the problem while never really admitting to the problem. I've presented what I consider to be legitimate questions and concerns only to be attacked on the basis of my character because I supposedly blindly support the system of another company.

BTW: not planning on getting a PS4 anytime soon. There's just too much still coming out for the PS3, and I want to get a WiiU mainly for the Xenoblade 2 game.

Could someone in the Xbox please actually address my question about what else can they do with achievements? Not just use what's become a painfully obvious debate trick.

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SilentGuard1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I hope they adopt something similar to TrueAchievements that reflects the difficulty/commonality of achievements as a ratio of how many have it vs how many have the game. A system that ranks gamers, and their gamerscore, as a more accurate portayal of what they achieved relative to other gamers. Give more than just a a list of what you've done, but give a percentage of how many others have done it as well.

christocolus1837d ago

im looking forward to the team achievments which was mentioned earlier...will it be tied to just off line play or online?or both?

4logpc1837d ago

I'm pretty excited to see how achievements will evolve. For games to be able to add achievements without dlc could be an amazing way to keep players coming back.

Nabbic1837d ago

Ugh, please no achievements. I can't stand them and the mentality they bring.

I say this every time, but gamerscore and trophy level is not a reflection of player skill, many of them can be done easily, even on hard, or done by following guides.
If you absolutely insist on achievements/trophies, don't give us more ways to get it, give us actual reason to achieve them... Unlocking additional features, backgrounds... Gamer rewards to encourage people to buy on your console.