Mad Catz M.O.J.O – Android Based Console and PC Game Streaming

HardwarePal : Mad Catz Interactive generally known for their high-end gaming peripherals is trying to make a shift into the console market with their android based console M.O.J.O.

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PeaSFor1888d ago

because we really needed another vaporware android machine thingy...

ATi_Elite1886d ago

gotta use up all those leftover On-Live and Ouya controllers somehow.

They should just recycle those machines NOW and make water bottles out of them.

UltimateMaster1886d ago

If it had a ton of games with high end graphics, it would be much different.

right now, it's not.
When I say Google to make a console, I do mean abandon Android and make a new OS just for gaming console.

Games being made on Android are usually for Smartphone, very few of them have controller support.

For Google to be successful on that matter would require the support of third party developers.
The big ones, of course.

1886d ago