Cage: "Censorship in games is a problem, the industry is where cinema was in the '50s"

The videogames industry is still far from society wide recognition, and David Cage weighed in the problems of censorship in comparison to cinema.

While he was able to shake them off for Beyond: Two Souls, he still thinks they're significant and constraining for authors.

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fluxmulder1837d ago

Apparently not. Probably hasn't played Manhunt either.

Pushagree1837d ago

Just about to say the same thing. Didn't know that topless strippers, torture scenes, and full frontal male nudity fell into the "restrictive media" category.

minimur121837d ago

I think he's talking about the 10 second clip that was cut from his game, seeing his interviews/lectures he gives, once he has a vision he doesn't change it. He was probably really pissed because of those cuttings, because they wanted to secure a 16+ rating

Irishguy951837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Cage doesn't play games, he only talks about how they are childish and not good enough for his standards.

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3-4-51837d ago

There is horrible stuff on regular basic cable and then those news stations which come on after those horrible shows about murdering, start complaining about video game violence.

It's just dumb.

Alexious1837d ago

Agreed. There are prejudices against video games, sadly.

Vitalogy1837d ago

And knowing that he didn't even stood his ground to fight for his product, instead he surrended and censored his game.

Like others mentioned already, GTA series speak for itself so it's not the industry that censors it's the creators themselves. QD admited that in order for the game to be rated for 16 they had to censor. Well mr cage, GTA series is rated 18+ and still sells like hot cakes, so your attempt to sell to a vast majority of audience failed anyway.

Alexious1837d ago

Actually, if you read the article, he says the complete opposite.

Codey471837d ago

Completely agree...tbph it's the parents job to keep up to date with "training" of their children.

The amount of parents going into their local game stores to pick up a copy of GTA5 with their kids...was unbelievable

On Sons of Anarchy you can murder someones face but they can't say "fuck" whilst doing so.

kevnb1837d ago

You want to work with big publisher and get actors like Ellen page you got to deal with big publishers who aren't about to risk themselves so you can be edgy. Same thing happens in movies, don't like it then pay for it yourself.

Feocart1837d ago

This had nothing to do with the publisher, it was about various countries outright banning the game from sale.
"On Beyond there was a struggle, not with Sony, but with some rating boards in a few territories, they still think that videogames are toys for kids, even if you say 'I’m not doing Mario or Sonic, I’m doing a mature game for a mature audience so let me talk about these things, I won’t do that just for the sake of shocking, I’m an author and I want to tell my story'. And actually sometimes censorship can get in the way and just prevent you to do what you want to do as a writer."

kevnb1837d ago

I missed that sentence sorry, I think debating this will get pretty complicated so Ill jut throw in the towel lol.

Riderz13371837d ago

Thanks for proving you didn't read the article. He says the problem was not with Sony (the publisher).

brianunfried1837d ago

Maybe they should stop selling M rated games at Toys R Us, they don't sell R rated movies at Toys R Us.

kratos_TheGoat1837d ago

love him or hate hime david cage know how to make games. love beyond 2 soul.

InTheLab1837d ago

He needs to step back and allow someone else from QD to speak on his games. I'd bet that most of those ridiculously low scores for the game were received because the critics hate Cage. I know for a fact that's the case with Dtoid...

porkChop1837d ago

Many people, myself included, find him way too pretentious. He thinks he's better than anyone else else, and that everyone else is stupid and don't know how to make games. He can never just make his game and keep quiet, he always has to throw the rest of the industry under the bus. That's how he promotes his games. It's pathetic really.

If more people from Quantic Dream were allowed to come out and talk about the games, I can guarantee that the studios image would vastly improve. Cage pisses a ton of people off, and it reflects very poorly on the rest of the studio unfortunately.

kratos_TheGoat1837d ago

I will support his vision of his workbut sometimes I want him to stfu

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