Xbox One Standard Edition Back in Stock at Amazon

Hardcore Gamer: Amazon's got some great news for folks wanting an Xbox One, but don't mind waiting until the new year to get it. The retailer has gotten enough guaranteed stock to offer up another round of pre-orders for the standard edition. This version will lack the day-one achievement and branding on the controller and console

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P0werVR1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Pfftt...just go to GameStop, they have day editions.


Never mind, SOLD OUT!

speed3891839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

my local gamestop still has day one units available still...

MRMagoo1231838d ago

the 3 EBgames near me have over 10 each of the day ones , i say more than 10 because one has 10 the other 2 have 14 and 18. They are actually trying pretty hard to sell them at the mo, the manager said he doesnt know whats wrong because people just dont seen to want one.

nukeitall1838d ago

Well, Xbox Ones are selling out every where else.

Heck, it is news that GameStop and Amazon got some regular Xbox Ones in, let alone Day One edition that sold out months ago.

My guess, your stores are doing a poor job of selling them, or the region just doesnt like Xbox Ones. Would you be in Japan by any chance?


thrust1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Both consoles sold out by me both selling great, good news all round.

nukeitall my guess is its not true or he is confused between day one and normal xbox ones!

btw title does say standard edition not day one.

MRMagoo1231838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Its in Australia actually and no im not confused it is the day one editions with the stupid day one controller and what not, I know it may be hard for you to believe but Xbox isnt the most popular console outside of the US.

as can you can see the posts just below me its not just me in Australia that sees this lol so you cant even say im making it up, MS arent doing that well in the scale of world wide.

Flutterby1838d ago

Same thing here the EB I go to still have 32 day one Xbox ones, but they have a waiting list till next year for a ps4 lol not looking to hot for MS in Australia.

sonarus1838d ago

@mrmagoo. Most Americans only see whats within their borders and honestly could careless about what happens outside it

gamertk4211838d ago

As an American, I can honestly say...that you are absolutely right! Wooo! Go Xbox! Go 'Murrica!

koolaid2511838d ago

They're sold out in Mobile,Alabama.

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speed3891838d ago

im in california, not japan.... would be cool if i was in japan lol

Ohlmay1838d ago

In Australia, you can still order an Xbox One for Day One, PS4's are now taking pre-orders for Early 2014. Not looking too good for Microsoft right now.

meatysausage1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Yeah went to an EB in outer melbourne. Quite a small store and they had something like 125 PS4 and like 70 XBO. Could not believe the amount for such a small place

Ohlmay1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I'll have to ask my local EBGAMES what the pre-order ratio is next-time I'm there. I'm not even getting my PS4 at launch, I'm getting it in December because of the high demand.

Flutterby1838d ago

I have asked at a few EB in my area , the average ratio is around 3 to 1 one was as high as 8 to 1 but mostly they are between 2 to 1 or 4 to 1. Seems like a lot of ozzies have gone the way of playstation this time round , but my guess is the 360 only did do well here in the first place because the ps3 came out a whole year and a half later so ppl just gave in and got the 360, this time round MS can't hide behind a massive Sony delay.

Chevalier1838d ago

Yeah at the EB where I work we have 345 PS4 preorders and only 72 XBOX One preorders. My store traditionally is more xbox fans and now it's flipped. It took us over 3 months to sell my small allotment of 40 day one xbox and I mean we actually had to sell them, PS4 sell themselves. The numbers we have seen are unheard of. All 9 stores in my city have over 200 PS4 preorders per store on average and about 40-45 xbox ones per store.

gamertk4211838d ago

Dude, Australia's like a colony. Aren't there only like a million people there? Sales figures there are like 1% of the total!

Chevalier1838d ago

They have about 22 million people 1/3 of U.K. population. All markets are important. So I don't know how you get 1 million.

koolaid2511838d ago

So everyone's a financial analyst now lmfao. Microsoft can buy Sony if they wanted too. Sony doesn't have enough money to buy Microsoft.

meatysausage1838d ago

Thats insane!
Now im worried that there will be a screw up with the preorder system.
thats a lot of ps4s ordered

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gaelic_laoch1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Great News if you cannot get a PS4 this year! I'm sure each xbone will find a loving home! Might even pop in and pick up one on launch day as I am having ISSUES with Gamestop at the moment!

t3rrorc3ll1838d ago

Yeah I suppose second class is at least going to tide people over until they can get a ps4

JimmyLmao1838d ago

"Great News if you cannot get a PS4 this year!"

just imagine the looks on the faces of children that ended up with an xbox one under the christmas tree instead of the PS4 later this year =P

gaelic_laoch1838d ago

Back at School

Little Bobby "Hey Timmy I did not see you on PSN over xmas"

Little Timmy "Internet was down"

Little Kaz "BS he got Xboned by Santa"

badkolo1838d ago

yeah the kid would be happy to have a great system, stop trolling

SniperControl1838d ago

Dudeeee, dont go over to the dark side, resist......I might just have to un-friend you......


gaelic_laoch1838d ago

Don't worry just got word I have a guaranteed launch day PS4 console.

Birds are singing in the trees again and leprechauns are dancing in the fields!

neocores1838d ago

ps4 sold out 3 or 4times from amazon

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