PC Gaming Promises the World, But You Have to Climb a Mountain to Get There

CCC Says: "Sorry PC, you got a fat ass, and it’s only growing.
Recently, I stirred up a little controversy among some of our CheatCC readers with an article exploring the differences in PC and console gaming (the comments section is where the real fun begins).
However, I think some may have gotten the impression that I was anti-PC. Nothing could be further from the truth. As outlined in the article (and if you read anything else I contribute to the site) you’ll see that I often struggle with where my true allegiance lies."

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ATi_Elite1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

"My point is, I can’t afford NASA-grade technology to play future PC titles. At this rate, that seems to be where we’re headed"

1. Sucks to be you, may I suggest you get a better job instead of writing lame articles.

2. Article was long and boring just for this ONE lame point.

3. If you knew anythig about PC gaming then this article would be more about AMD's Mantle and SteamOS and how these two software packages will improve performance on Gaming hardware thus making it not necessary to buy NASA-grade technology to get great FPS.

4. Everyone Knows that the COD:G specs are BLOATED and some silly Nvidia/Activision campaign CRAP. My toaster can run COD:G on Ultra no problem.

5. Like Website = NO
Story Quality = WTF

gamernova1838d ago

Lol look, you don't need a Titan or whatever to play. That is only if you want the best of the best. The cool thing about the PC is that there are hardware combos to fit a lot of different budgets. We have entry, mid-range, and enthusiast. Entry could get above 30 fps constantly on 1080, mid-range could get 60-120 on 1080 and enthusiast could go higher than 1080 with fantastic frame rate. The price difference is staggering. As it stands, the titan costs a lot more than an entry level pc alone lol

Constant driver updates squeeze more of our hardware too and it looks like both nvidia and AMD are looking to improve PC optimization.

Consoles are like lower midrange pcs kind of. They're sold cheap because Sony and MS assume they will make the money back on the games they sell. PCs do not have to deal with that which is why they are much cheaper.

On PC we do not have "next gen" we can make previous games look even better by playing beyond 1080 or smoother with 120hz monitors. We just upgrade hardware.

All I am trying to say is that gaming pcs are pretty great. Did I mention they are not just limited to gaming? And it looks like consoles are breaking the gaming only thing they had going.