PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Live – Which will earn your money?

Who will earn your money? When it comes to online services, PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold have set the standard. With the PS4 and Xbox One launching soon, which service are you going with and why? PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold?

What is PlayStation 4 breaks down the differences, positives, and negatives of PlayStation Plus verses Xbox Live Gold in the next generation.

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mewhy321862d ago

Playstation Plus. without a second thought.

xHeavYx1862d ago

I agree, it's not even a fair fight. The value you get with PS+ is unmatched

PoSTedUP1862d ago

great free games each month for ps3, vita and PSP, plus free indies. really, what more can you ask for? ohyeah, free PlayStation 4 games! it's an attack of the free games!!!

Army_of_Darkness1862d ago

I have 10 months left of ps+ which means that I will still have it when the PS4 comes out so I'm sure you know where I'm going with this ;-)

Majin-vegeta1862d ago

ohyeah, free PlayStation 4 games! it's an attack of the free games!!!

I feel you man.ATTACK ATTACK

darthv721862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Its really a one sided argument. having been a long time gold member, it wasnt until this past feb that I signed up for +. since then i have gotten many great games with the service.

My renewal isnt until may of next year and I will still get a plethora of great games for ps3, vita and soon ps4.

I am still a gold member and, surprisingly, will continue to be a gold member because the thought of gaming without gold is pretty hard to imagine. just like it would be hard to imagine gaming without +.

what can i say, im hooked on both services.

kickerz1862d ago

Value vs quality.... I take quality

PoSTedUP1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )


i know, me too, PS+ is just unmatched in terms of quality. and look, we're also getting the best value too! see you on psn, add me, psnid: StreetVeteran

@majin- ROFL!! ...literally! lol.

kickerz1862d ago

"Unmatched" lol, sure u choose the right word there champ?

redwin1862d ago

Lol, it's funny that Sony said you don't need online gaming much less a paid service, and now they have both. But, if ps+ is soo good! why do they have to bring you in with free stuff. I think that if you have a good product you don't have to give stuff away to bring people in. Lol, you don't see BMW, MERCEDES, APPLE, LEXUS, giving stuff away like Mazda, Mitsubishi, blackberry. I think that what ever you pick it will be good FOR YOU!

xHeavYx1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

You forgot to add reasons why PS+ is not unmatched, you know... facts? But you are forgiven, most Xbox fans have a hard time coming up with facts
Still better than having to pay for Gold to use Skype, which is free, or Netflix, which you already pay a subscription for

BoriboyShoGUN1862d ago

People like you @Redwin is why Xbox feels entitled to screw their fan base. The consumer drives the market thats why XBOX is flip flopping on everything!!!!!! Even with PS giving away free games they still make plenty of money thats the way it should be.

AgentSmithPS41862d ago


Funny vid but the hulu ads made me feel like peter getting his clothes torn off, but instead of puppies hulu was trying to rape me :(.

hiredhelp1862d ago

Playstation was free to play online now that has changed because cost of keeping a Free service COSTS.

However sony maybe chooseing to charge for the service but that money gets used for US the gamers such as upkeep development ect.
Not to mention free games.

Now i cant speak for car companys as they dont do games but as a apple ipad owner yeh apple gives free stuff just like andriod FREE games.

Get your head out your butt buy ps4 maybe you see for yourself. Foolish comment

kickerz1862d ago

Mate ur the one who said ps+ value is unmatched. Umm so steam dosnt match this? They have awesome deals every day. Xbox live I'm getting 2 free games every month (maybe not the best games but still) and now with 300 000 dedicated servers I'm gonna say Xbox live will be where the quality online gaming will be at.
Honestly u guys can disagree as much as u want. TRUTH HURTS

xHeavYx1862d ago

You are so desperate that you talk about steam, how sad.
Then you talk about free games from 2003 and the cloud...
But you are right, the truth hurts,I hope you recover soon

redwin1862d ago

@ hiredhelp, I can make more than an informed decision, I've had every system since 1982 and I can tell you this, the only thing that Xbox is guilty of is being too ahead of its time and I can prove it. Did you read the what the PS executive said? That the next PS is gonna be a paid service? That's : Xbox Live, DRM, no cd's, cloud. That sounds like the original One, oh, no kinect but they'll have it in their TV, samsung already does and direct tv. I have Sony for their exclusives, I have Xbox for their exclusives and to play online, lots of people do the same. ask people that gave both systems. I'll have them both this Xmas .

kickerz1862d ago

What's sad is u claim ps+ is unmatched yet there are other networks which are just as good if not better (including ..steam.. I said it again)
I also like how u downplay the cloud, yet there having been many developers claiming how good it will be for gaming.

Sono4211861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

N4G should almost make it an option to remove bubbles for being an xbox fanboy because honestly it's really not a positive thing.

Just look at redwin and kickerz... they're so delusional it's actually kinda scary.. it's like there's a Microsoft cult following.

Id say they're on some serious koolaid but this seems more like they're getting straight from the tits Microsoft breast milk.

OT: This seriously isn't even a question.. stop with the flamebait articles. It only brings out the most pathetic and desperate fanboys out of hiding... you know who i'm talking about.. btw wheres jokes? ;)

malokevi1861d ago

Seems to me like shoveling free games at its users is the only thing ps+ has going for it. Personally, I buy games when I want them, so as far as functionality and value, I'll take Xbox Live. I have had a front row seat to the turmoil that has been PSN this generation.

I'll subscribe to PSN as soon as it becomes necessary, but I want to hold off as long as I can. Luckily I can play f2p games on psn without a subscription, which is all I need out of it for the time being.

Xbox Live has always been 1 step ahead in terms of functionality, and it doesn't look like that's about to change.

Sono4211861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

What did I just say? It attracts the most pathetic fanboys..

Now malokevi is here spitting nonsense.. smh

Atleast give me the option to bubble down for being ignorant or just flat out spewing bs.. people like malokevi could then finally be silenced.

The reasons we get for being able to bubble down are stupid.. shouldn't they be the opposite of the bubble ups? If we can bubble up people for being "intelligent" can't we bubble down people for being ignorant/stupid? It doesn't make sense.

I have no problem people stating their own opinions but if it's simply being ignorant and trying to pass of lies/opinion as fact... that's where I draw the line, it also gets me when their "opinion" contradicts facts. Malokevi i'm looking at you.

johndoe112111861d ago


If xbox live is soooo good why are they giving away free games with gold? If the xbox one is sooooo good why are they giving away fifa and forza for free?

The_Con-Sept1861d ago

@ Redwin: The point of PS Plus is MORE GAMES. Huge discounts, special offers, timed trials of games.

XBL is only used to play your games online...... Sure PS4 now requires it but seriously.... Just to play games online....

Meanwhile I'm playing Shadow of the collosus.

kickerz1861d ago

@Sono and heavy - so ur pretty much calling me a delusional pathetic fanboy for saying Xbox live is better. GEZZZ man calm down. I didn't run over a kitten or anything. Either way I guess we will have to agree to disagree. No hard feelings. I respect ur opinion. All in all u will be enjoying ps+ on ur ps4 and I will be enjoying Xbox live on my xb1. Why are we arguing about this. Peace out

strifeblade1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Hey guys im a cheap poor son of a gun. Can you guys reccommend me which system is cheaper and gives me free games so i can leech off the industry? Im really stupid and dont know nothing about anything.

Kryptix1861d ago


Well, the Xbox 360 is currently cheaper and also gives you 2 free games from 2006 for $60. There you go, since it looks you like it when the industry makes you pay for services that don't give you value. Good luck paying for $70 a year when the Kinect spying/data collection program fails.

malokevi1861d ago


you may be looking at me, but you just said a whole lot of nothin. Could have trimmed that whole thing down to 0 sentences and still conveyed the same though.

Take a pill, dude. Life isn't so bad.

dmeador1861d ago

PS+ is easily better in terms of free stuff. Some amazing games, and good discounts. Xbox live only has free games till the holidays, but still has some good discounts. I also find It much easier to navigate and use apps on Live, PS+ still needs to revamp the UI.

The biggest thing that I haven't heard anyone talk about, but is the biggest factor (I would think for anyone) is the quality of the actual service. Can I get online, will I get kicked, how stable is the connection. This is the biggest factor (UI being second) and the reason I have always preferred Live. Very rarely have I not been able to connect, and when I have it has been very easy to diagnose the problem. With + I have randomly dropped many more times, and just more problems in general. Not to mention that month were I couldn't play at all.

If Sony works on the user experience/keeps good games coming, it will be the king next gen in that department . The problem I see is that they cant release older games for the PS4 for a while for pretty obvious reasons, so I'm not sure how that model will work for them.

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mistertwoturbo1862d ago

Which will earn your money? Whichever the console that is bought. It's not like I'm going to buy a PS4 and think, "Gee should I get PS+ or Xbox Live?"

showtimefolks1862d ago

i think i will go with plus but competition will heat up between the 2 console makers so both services will receive great content

end of the day whichever one you choose its good

osprey191862d ago

Are u serious? Ps plus was hacked multiple times, its lost alot of credibility, especially when it came out that it lost a load of players personal data. Have xbox live ever done this?

adventureghost1241862d ago

Yes, except the entire world didn't blame them for it because xbox was popular at the time

Sono4211861d ago

Except it was hacked once and the only info stolen was nothing you couldn't get off of facebook.. while on xbox it is INCREDIBLY easy to hack.. all you need is a sata cable.. try to educate yourself next time please? thanks ;)

johndoe112111861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

I posted this already but the genius that you are, you probably missed it.

wiz71911861d ago

@johndoe1121 xbox live wasn't hacked , what messed people up was falling for those fake websites claiming to give you free gold subscription and or free Xbox live points if you entered your account information ..

osprey191861d ago

Really? How many times has xbox live been that badly compromised that it had to shut down temporarily? Don't focus on what could happen but what has happened. Ps plus has been compromised, xbl hasn't.

osprey191861d ago

And if that wasn't enough, as many others on here have already stated, xbl is by far the better service, ps pluses plan is to just throw a few free games at customers and nothing else. Xbl has free games and excellent multiplayer.

adventureghost1241861d ago

do you seriously not remember when they completely shut down this spring and tried to cover it up? It was literally all over N4G

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jamsam3601862d ago

That's all I am hearing about is the free games, never anything about the service it self! Xbox live definitely is the better service. But for free shit you do not keep is PS+.

otherZinc1861d ago


This guy wrote an entire biased article about PSN & LIVE, insinuating M$ doesn't care about gaming online, when SONY does. Claiming M$ only cares about TV........



Why did he not mention this^^^!

otherZinc1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Also, if you don't want to experiment with the many features of the XBOX ONE, don't. Play games over 300,000 servers!

Majin-vegeta1861d ago

But how many if are those a real servers and not virtual servers??Think before you speak kiddo.

jamsam3601861d ago

Because you took offense to the truth you must be a PS Fanboy! Bet if sony said they had 400,000 servers you would not say what you did. It would sound like PS4 Is superior best online service by far! Shut up and play with you r PS4 and leave your comments to your self!

Kryptix1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

You're paying for a service with servers that haven't been online yet since 2005? Damn, now I know why Microsoft feels like they can do whatever they want because their fanboys eat anything up.

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BallsEye1861d ago

LOl a sony fan site comparing psn+ to XBL...even the headers are biased. What a stupid comparison.

TheKayle11861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

if u r a single player if u love multiplayer u cant go wihtout xbl...and ps+ have nothing to show

this is the truth

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WeaseL1862d ago

"With the PS4 and Xbox One launching soon, which service are you going with and why?"

I'm getting XBLG to go with my PS4


yellowgerbil1862d ago

PS+ is giving me 2 free ps4 games at launch. that right there earns my money.
PS+ has given me a library of about 10 vita games for the day I eventually buy a vita.
games for gold is a joke, Rainbow 6 vegas lol I'll enjoy my Kingdom of Amalar any day over that relic.

Pogmathoin1862d ago

PS+ for the freebies..... Gold for MP...... Simple, both worth it....

black0o1862d ago

in term of MP they are the same

Pogmathoin1862d ago

Its decent, but I feel gold is more polished.... Personal preference.

n4rc1861d ago

Kind of a dumb comparison... Which to get? How bout which ever works with the console you buy? Lol

PS+ is a different animal now... There isn't a huge catalog of games to give away..

As it stands, xbl offers a better online experience imo.. Ive used both.. But we'll have to see what improvements sony rolls out and take another look at it..

Karpetburnz1861d ago

Xbox fanboys always said XBL was better because of Cross game chat, now PSN has that so IMO PSN has caught up.

XBL does have 300,000 servers, but that basically only allows developers to have dedicated servers for their games if they choose to pay Microsoft from what ive heard, i could be wrong.

and it was confirmed that CoD Ghosts will have dedicated servers for both consoles, so PSN will most likely have dedicated servers for plenty of games.

overall the online play will be indenticle.

johndoe112111861d ago

what multiplayer experience does live have that psn does or will not have when the ps4 comes out?

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Majin-vegeta1862d ago

IMO should have done a list of stuff locked behind PS+ and xbox live and then stuff not locked behind PS+ and xbox live.

OT:PS+ without a doubt.

IraqCombatVet1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Great idea! I'm going to look into that because I think the results might be interesting.

Parapraxis1862d ago

Not really "interesting"
MP is behind a paywall on PS4...that is all.
On the Xbox One, pretty much every service/app, is behind Gold.

n4rc1861d ago

So what?

People make way too big a deal out of this... If you can't be bothered to buy PS+, then chances are all those free features are useless to you..

You arent buying a ps4 to watch netflix.. If you have the internet access, then odds are you want to play online too..

Same with sharing... Share what with who?

It may not be physically required to usr these features, but they are nonetheless pretty useless without it

Sono4211861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )


It's a big deal because my 360 just recently for some idiotic reason decided to delete my profile data (Seriously just randomly deleted it all) and I couldn't remember my information to save my life (Which doesn't effect me so much now because I gave my 360 to my brother which is part of the reason I don't remember it) but the main reason he used the xbox was to watch netflix because we cut our cable and he doesn't have a computer of his own.. and now since I can't recover my account (Tried many times) he can't even watch netflix.. the 360 is basically useless to him.

So what do you suggest? I create a new account and pay another $60 for live when it was just renewed about a month ago? I don't think so. Microsoft is not screwing me out of anymore money. Stop being a fanboy.. people are upset because there is NO REASON for them to be behind the pay wall and it is an inconvenience.. let's say you DO want the Xbox One for an entertainment device and not for gaming online... guess what your going to have to get gold just to be able to use a service you already pay for. now stfu and gtfo with that fanboy bullish. Everybody defending microsoft and their greedy decisions/policys is an ignorant fuck. Go ahead and bubble down for bad language because I hurt your feelings. The truth hurts.

Brand loyalty for the loose.

gameonbro1862d ago

you mean the stuff that's been done before?

BoriboyShoGUN1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

PS4 multiplayer you do need a plus membership. But if the game is free you can access multiplayer and all the features without plus. Games like DC Universe, Warframe, Blacklight, Warthunder etc. XBOX ONE everything including the DVR feature is behind the Live paywall!

n4rc1861d ago

And since everyone even remotely interested in any of those features will get gold to play online anyways.. So will ps4 owners..

So what exactly is your point?

The only people that won't get gold or PS+ are the people not online... So game DVR, sharing and Netflix are all out of the question anyways

NoLongerHereCBA1862d ago

I'm getting (just like I have now) XBLG, since I am going for an xbox one (and have an xbox 360). The only reason is so that I can play online and that it is a good service overall. With the Xbox One being able to skype with my GF while playing a game is also a plus.

For the free games PS+ is the best thing. Another plus of Playstation itself is that you don't have to pay for apps that are normally also free. It is totally insane that Skype and IE will be behind the XBLG paywall. It's a shame that I have to give props to playstation for something like this which shouldn't be necessary.

IraqCombatVet1862d ago

I'm in the same boat. XBLG for more social and entertainment (all my family is on Live) and PS Plus for free games and well...gaming!

Both are great services. I've had Xbox Live since the original Xbox but PlayStation Plus is beyond worth it. Not just the free games but cloud storage, and the ability to download updates while my PS3 is shut down (which is priceless). I smile every time I turn on my PS3 and it lists all my updates and I just go straight to doing what I want to do.

Tooly1862d ago

lol i like how yall keep saying social when the new ps4/psn is build in social.its like the facebook of gaming the wole damn ui is realtime.
OT:ps+ for me

Pogmathoin1862d ago Show
black0o1862d ago

u cant even share stuff on twitter nor FB and u call that social .. lol

PSN since 2011 has become more reliable connected and does a lot of cross-plat unlike XL

RyanShutup1862d ago

You can talk to your girlfriend and play games at the same time!? HOW!? Also, she's going to be watching your face flickering and staring all dead eyed and creepy... dunno bro... proceed with caution.

NoLongerHereCBA1862d ago

Haha a little bit of luck I guess :P

mattdillahunty1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

"It is totally insane that Skype and IE will be behind the XBLG paywall. It's a shame that I have to give props to playstation for something like this which shouldn't be necessary."

as far as stuff that shouldn't be necessary, you can add paying to play online. and that goes for both systems. screw paying to play online, i'll be buying neither subscription if/when i get a next gen console.