Capcom steals own artwork from IGN for Okami box

Fragcast reports on a slight mistake by Capcom: "No, it's not Aprils fools day - though I did have to check. The American boxart for Okami hides an embarrassing secret..."

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FreeMonk4970d ago

that Capcom have treated Okami like this.

It all started when they closed down Clover Studios due to the game not selling well. It was probably Capcom's fault for the lack of advertsing, especially compared to there bigger games like Resi and DMC.

They probably deleted all artwork and extras when they closed down Clover, never thinking they'd revist the game again.

Until the public shouted out for a Wii version, and Capcom thought they'd get some of the lost cash back.

Just be glad we got the game on the Wii!

Max Power4970d ago

hilarious. HAHA needed to laugh at that, i am so going to go into a store and check that out.

Caxtus7504970d ago

but I found the proof.

This is the image of the background from IGN. The watermark in both pics are in the same place.


Max Power4970d ago

brings you too one of the 236 screenshots of the ps2 version, i can see the watermarks on all those pictures on the bottom right, but the one in the wii box art is in the middle of the picture. not really sure what you were going with on that post.

Caxtus7504970d ago (Edited 4970d ago )


how can you not see?

The link is to the correct picture. The blue cave.

Look where the watermark is. Its by the tree and its by the tree on the Wii box. The wii box contains two images. The image used from IGN is the background.

Check again and you will see it.

Max Power4970d ago (Edited 4970d ago )

i must be an idiot if i didn't think of that...of course it all makes sense they combined two used photos from ign to make their box art.

you know what happens when you assume right? you make an a$$ out you and me. you should have made a less ambiguous point. because it didn't look like the same picture (the background) there wasn't a whole lot going for comparison. but you may be on to something.

EDIT: but what you are trying to say is that they took the background from that photo in your link, and the wolf and combined it. see was that so hard.

also i made that comment at 6 this morning, after staying up all night drinking.

Caxtus7504970d ago (Edited 4970d ago )

Did I just own you? ;)

I think your last post succeeded in making an ass of yourself without me....

I could have made it clearer though so apologies for that :) No hard feelings.

Foliage4970d ago

"Did I just own you? ;)"

It sure looks that way.

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Ninja_Moomin4970d ago

I simply can't believe it.

Is it just the american version?

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The story is too old to be commented.