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It has been a little over a week since Rockstar released their much anticipated multiplayer update to the biggest game in history; GTA V. With the game selling close to 20 million units so soon after launch, it was inevitable that the servers would have teething issues coping with the traffic.

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-Foxtrot1838d ago

lol 9.5 despite the bugs and a really crap launch....yeah ok then

Just because it's Rockstar doesn't mean you can't criticize them you know

sinclaircrown1837d ago

Well, for me, despite the launch, its turned out to be one of the most fun games I've played online.

I'm not gonna kiss R* ass for no reason. But yeah, despite the launch, its awesome.

abusador1837d ago

Most ppl arent saying the game isnt awesome but games should be reviewed by the sum of its parts, if the online was (and for some is still) unplayable days and even a week later the score should go down. Alot of reviewers are very biased and their job is to be as neutral as possible and rate games based off certain criteria. Ive seen reviewers blast a game for say not having mp working on day one, let alone days later and then kiss Rockstars #ss and give the game and online a high score, smfh. Very pathetic!

-Foxtrot1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

It's not the point, if it had a terrible launch and had a ton of bus...a feature in the overall game which clearly wasn't ready despite the two week extra development time they had given themselves then it should have points knocked off

In my opinion this should of effected the overall review score, it's make me wonder if Rockstar knew it wasn't clearly finished and didn't want it to effect reviews so they postponed the online untill the reviews came out.

It's like your telling Rockstar overall

"Oh it's totally fine if you f*** up or want to screw us over in the future...because your Rockstar you can do anything you like"

Not sending out a good message in my opinion, I'm not saying it WILL happen but if you make developers think they don't have to put 100% into something in the future then the company will decrease in quality overtime. The same happened with Capcom for example this gen before we realised and stopped living in the past to who Capcom were (RE, DMC, Megaman etc) it was too late. I'm not saying they will become Capcom, I'm just using it as an example. I kind of think the same happened with Bioware in recent years.

I mean it's like when Skyrim won GOTY at the VGA's 2011 and Bethesda won Studio of the year.....for a buggy, glitchy game where one version (PS3) wasn't working and they failed to get the DLC working at the start........I don't think so

sinclaircrown1837d ago

And given their track record I doubt R* would take this as "its cool if we can't have shit ready for launch"

Get over it, its bugy to start. Doesn't detract from my overall experience so I wouldn't deduct points. simple.

KevinW1837d ago

Reviews are opinions. If you think it should be lower, then GO REVIEW IT YOURSELF.

abusador1837d ago

%ucking @## lickers. Boy ppl do bend over for certain companies lol if this was say "Starhawk" it would have got ripped to shreds lol It actually did just bcus the game is mainly mp focused and had an sp that was basically a tutorial the way they intended it to be, yet the game got lower scores due to the sp, smh.

KevinW1837d ago

You idiots do realize that reviews are OPINIONS about a game, right? If you don't like the score a game is given, why don't you go create your own review site where you can give a score of 3.5 or whatever to all the games you don't like?

No... you're not going to do that. You know why? Because it's easier to sit around on your ass all day complaining about someone else's OPINION about a game than to put a little effort into writing your own concise review. God forbid you'd actually have to form a coherent thought, right?

xXxSeTTriPxXx1837d ago

Plz stfu, people have the right to have a opinion of someone else's opinion.

God forbid that someone doesn't agree with a opinion. see what I did?

_FantasmA_1837d ago

LOL 9.5? This game looks terrible. I don't need to play it to know that its more of the same.

trickman8881837d ago

Congrats. You've now learned that most franchises are "more of the same", just with improvements/ more features. Since this is your first time going into gaming , I thought it'd be best to let you know so you dont sound ignorant.

I also suggest you get a good pair of glasses. Considering your eyes seem to be getting bad.

_FantasmA_1833d ago

Yeah my eyes are getting bad because I made my own opinion and didn't follow the crowd by getting this game. You're so smart!

Shadonic1837d ago

Only big things i hate about GTA online is the stupid auto aim, horrible body armor that does nothing when everyone can land a hit and the bots having the accuracy of hawk eye even on easy. its not fun trying to take someone out with a attack helicopter only to be easily taken out by someone who just has to hold the left trigger and slightly move it towards you just to get the kill.

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