GTA Online PSA: Avoid Deleting Your Character

Friendly reminder: Creating a new character when yours goes missing can cause bigger problems. Don't do it!

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Nitrowolf21837d ago

"Do not select "Retry" if you receive the message "Rockstar Cloud Servers are unavailable."
Do not enter GTA Online with saving disabled: If you opt to enter multiplayer on a temporary character without the ability to save, none of the data from that play session will be stored, even if the services come back up while you're playing. To make sure progress is saved, you should only proceed into GTA Online when the Rockstar Cloud Servers are working."

I really like how they patched the game to remove the replay/restart, yet this issue has been known for ever yet they keep the option to retry of continue without saving

rdgneoz31837d ago

That's because if everyone abuses the restart button or some of the bugs, they'll lose out on money from GTA$ eventually since no one will need to buy it. Why buy in-game money with irl cash, when you can do a mission that gives 9 to 18k cash in a few minutes repeatedly?

The other one causes players to lose money (ie, everything they spent it on - apartment, cars, guns). And with the chance they'd want to buy GTA$ later on since they don't want to wait to get what they once had, why patch that?

kingPoS1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Survival is the best! $20,000 for beating it and $18,000 for making it to wave 10. I like it because it's not quick n easy. You have to live through it! No idling while others do the work, they'll target and gun down any idle hands. lol

Nitrowolf21837d ago

Well I know this, I wasn't trying to word it as if I didn't. I just find it funny how they didn't just remove the option to do those action listed above. People are loosing their hard earn apartments and such in this game, but nope lets patch this, let them loos their shit, and hope they buy our money