New Xbox 360 Bundle Announced

Microsoft will soon give european players another excellent opportunity to finally buy an Xbox 360 with this new bundle including Projet Gotham Racing 4 & Halo 3 for €199. Check it out.

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sonarus3836d ago

I don't see how this is better than the premium bundle with forza and marvel ultimate alliance. Its a nice bundle but not explosive...not to me anyway.

3836d ago
whoelse3836d ago

This one has some more decent games.

sonarus3836d ago

Forza 2 > PGR4 Halo > Marvel Ultimate Alliance Premium > Core. As far as i can tell, its 2 - 1 so the premium bundle is still better

RealTimeWeaponChange3836d ago

Oh, so you're saying the Core/Arcade/RetardPack sucks? Oh, I agree with that. You made it sound like you were saying that stupid comic book game was better than Halo 3 lol. I was all WTF?

Breakfast3836d ago

Sonarus, thats the worst opinion ive ever heard.

sonarus3836d ago

lol are you kidding or being serious because i can't tell anymore

I still think forza 2 is better than pgr4 and obviously halo 3 is better than marvel ultimate alliance. premium is also better than core so in my opinion the premium bundle is better than this. I guess this one is better than the arcade bundle though

chaosatom3333836d ago

They mentioned halo. Are u kidding me?

They are still going off the halo hype.

RobotIsTheFuture3836d ago

I Can See Ppl Buyin' This --->INSERT WORD HERE<--- 'Cause Of That --->INSERT WORD HERE...AGAIN<--- I Can't Believe Ppl Buy This --->INSERT WORD ONE MORE FREAKIN TIME HERE<--- 'Cause Of ALL THE HYPE MS Threw To It... Not Even MGS Nor GTA Has This --->INSERT WORD FOR THE LAST TIME PLEASE...THANK YOU<--- Hype... Anyway, Hope They Do GoOd Sellin This One; They Need It...

***Enjoii Ur Games No Matter What Console U Have. U Deserve It...***

jadenkorri3835d ago

I'm sorry but this close to release of GTA4, and you don't include wouldn't make a difference to me but if you want to sell 360, include something people want... don't include something most people have done playing and moved one......

PS...plz read carefully i said "most"

dan-boy3835d ago

that's a good deal no matter what your console persuasion! i think it's time though that microsoft dumped the core, and sold the premium for the same price! that would be an even better deal. still, i would'nt buy this, i would just wait a week and get a premium or an elite that will without a doubt come with a nice free copy of gta4! you could probably get these two games for less than £40 nowadays!

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pwnmaster30003836d ago

why, it will just fail like the pricecut and the xbots in this site that tries to make a comeback

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13836d ago

PLEASE check your
'Home Insurance Cover'! for 'Fire Damage' or possible DEATH!!! ;-D

+Yep their Flogging a Dead Horse!!! ;-D

Doctor Who3836d ago

if microsoft put all their minds together they still wouldnt have a superior mind like yours Sir Ken :) :) :)

thexmanone3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )


I hate to tell you, But My PS3 had to be replaced more than my 360.
So in my eyes the 360 is more reliable. I had Two drives go out on my PS3.

heyheyhey3836d ago


fortunately, you are 1 in a million

lawman11083836d ago

NPD is out you RETARD....those were the numbers you could not wait for right? "Ohhhh VGC pads the numbers for 360"..."Wait for NPD we trust those" Now you have it in your face and you can't stand the truth......The 360 OUT SELLS the PS3 EVERYWHERE except Spain and Japan and in NA thats like saying the 360 sells in EVERY state except Maine and Ohio. OHHHHHHHH the pain you Sony Douche bag force must be feeling! in the words of Nelson "Ha-ha"

Pain3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

get it? hahaha??.... No Really 360 that old and cheap ther bundling them like Crazy!!! Wow !!

I Can See the Press line!! : Buy this New CHEAP Bundle for when GTA 4 Kills your Xbox u have a Replacement!!

and Wow @the Brain dead xbot posts... do u kids really belive what u just typed? about bull

jack im looking at you.... just flows from yur a$$ ...

thexmanone3836d ago


You are probably right. Maybee I should play the lottery.
I don`t think it matters what system you have. They all break soon or later. The Wii seems to be the most reliable, I had that one since launch.

jadenkorri3835d ago

one thing im looking forward too is all the poor saps who have there 360 rrod on them week before GTA4 come out or even during, and to read u guys flog the dead horse of rrod.....have fun gonna enjoy reading and playing GTA4, i think we all will

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ruibing3836d ago

From any PR point of view, it is a bad idea to put the 360 and a destructive word together in the same sentence.

heyheyhey3836d ago


didnt people learn anything from the 360 burnt down a house?

lawman11083836d ago

The PS3 has what? 3 games per ? enjoy life at the bottom losers! and when MGS4 rocks the 360 I will be the FIRST to shove it in YOUR face you F.AG. Tell your Mom to shave her box, i'm on my way over.

heyheyhey3836d ago

im sorry

i dont remember metioning attach rates retard

go make a sign saying "PS3rds attach rate is 3 LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!" and make a campaign outside

your rubbish isnt needed here

Minimee3836d ago

Let's just hope MS will produce enough bundles in Europe...not like the actual premium pack...anyway, i keep thinking this is a very good offer : two great games, a wireless pad, a memory card and the console for a very attractive price.

Science_NERD3835d ago

Sorry but Europeans dont want american crap, we'd rather pay more for a Japanese product i.e. PS3 and know that it is as reliable as say buying a BMW over some crap american ford mustang

Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

the word "explosive" used in the title? Probably not the best pairing of words. Seems a bit over the top, but I chuckled a bit.

LOL - nice edit contributor.

Science_NERD3835d ago

Explosive was used because they are talking about the xbox and its reliability, instead of overheating this POS system will now explode and set your house on fire