Good Thing GTA V Isn't A PS4 Indie

Good thing GTA V isn’t a little indie game. Because, when put up against Sony’s objectionable content guidelines for self-published games on PlayStation 4, it seems like Rockstar wouldn’t be able to do most of the stuff in the game.

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iamnsuperman1834d ago

What is weird by this is that there are games coming to the Playstation platform that go against these guidelines. I guess it is used to stop AO content flooding it

Fireseed1834d ago

Well it's more likely that it's prevent indie putting out games with a statement on one of those issues and risking Sony getting sued. Far too much censorship for a group of games that are supposed to be different and can often make statements on issues such as these.

ShinMaster1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

I think this all depends on the context.
Aside from maybe substance abuse, GTA mostly parodies some of these topics and didn't really have sexually explicit content or child abuse or had blatant racism.
In fact, I don't think even GTA broke any of these rules.

It sounds like they're just trying to prevent more extreme AO rated levels of explicit content.
Sony is cool with games like Hotline Miami and Binding of Isaac. So I don't think there's much to worry about here.

Also, "Good thing GTA V isn’t a little indie game" come on now. It's Kotaku trying to start something again.

SilentNegotiator1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Like it says, they're concerned about reputation. Those rules are probably just for avoiding garbage titles (like the flood of crap that you get on a service like Google Play, where half of the top 100 titles are "HERP DE DERP LURN TO ROLE BLUNT RAYGAY STYL" or "please a woman" with infringed pictures of porn stars) and games with an especially heinous offensive overtone (like if the KKK decided to make a game or something).

We haven't seen enough games be blocked from Sony for this to be worth worrying over. They'll probably only cut games that are overtly offensive (GTAV not being a game made with the purpose of being offensive, but to entertain with parody).

Kotaku knows that Sony would never block a game like GTA5. They just want the hits.

AngryTypingGuy1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Is Kratos ripping Helios' head off in God of War 3 not "sadistic" enough for Sony?

Self-titled games should be able to play under the same rules, just make sure they're put through an approval process to make sure there's nothing in the games that crosses the line.

ATi_Elite1834d ago

I read that list and all I could think of was GTA and Saints Row pretty much did everything in that list.

Gamer19821833d ago

To be fair the guidelines are there mostly to stop p0rn games etc.. Getting into the store. As if it was a fully open store you know it would only be a matter of months before it would be headline news that PS4 has its very first hardcore p0rn game

MrBeatdown1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I really don't see how the content of GTA wouldn't make it past those guidelines, yet something like Hotline Miami does. Obviously those guidelines aren't as strict as they seem.

I'd imagine this is just the kind of standards they all have in place to make sure the really ridiculous, unnecessary, or offensive stuff doesn't make it through. You never know if some indie decides he wants to finally develop "Hitler Saves The World".

cleft51834d ago

Yeah I get the feeling if you can make a strong argument for why your game is a particular way than Sony is going to be fine with it. This rule is more like having the, please behave yourself rule written down somewhere.

It's more of a cover their basis situation that gives Sony the power to stop some from releasing a game that they feel serves no point. Basically it's a rule that never gets brought up unless someone tries to getaway with something extreme. Like you pointed out, Hotline Miami has some really violent content in it.

Nikhil1833d ago

What would Sony have against a historically accurate game?

mydyingparadiselost1833d ago

Who told you about my 'Hitler Saves the World' game?! Oh well 'The Hitlerful 101' is still top secret and I know 'Metal Gear Hitler' and the 'Barbi Hitler Sunshine Horse Ride' will be super successful....

GraveLord1834d ago

Sounds like they're covering their own asses to prevent people from releasing porn simulators.

KwietStorm1834d ago

Could you imagine the advertisements and tutorials for the Move controller?

pedrof931834d ago


You nailed it. Bub+.

Ezz20131834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

***reading Kwietstorm comment***

***Imagine a naked girl using Move control for...ahhh.... ahhmm....something nasty ;)***

now i can't that image from my head
,thanx alot :D

WeaseL1834d ago

I'm guessing MS has the same or similar policies.

coolasj1834d ago

The important thing to remember, is that Binding of Isaac will be given away on PS+. If that's the bar, we're in pretty good shape.

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