Kickstarter hopes to bring retro Colecovision games to modern devices

Retro-games focused publisher, Ranmedia, launched a Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday morning to port ColecoVision games to modern video game platforms.

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LordDhampire1834d ago

plese guys just stop, no one wants this grap....this is the same megaman fans grasping on to the past....let it die

TedCruzsTaint1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Which is why the spiritual successor to Megaman just raised over four-million using Kickstarter . . .

MadMax1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

That was a pretty weak comment. These games are best played on their original console, but there are people out there that dont have that luxury. Ive still got a working colecovision with plenty of games. It can give many of us gamers that nostalgic feeling playing these type of games again. Something you would know nothing about.

There is a huge cult following for this kind of stuff! If it wasnt for Colecovision and Atari, you wouldnt be gaming right now! I suggest you go back to your mindless COD and keep your mouth shut! You sound like a very ignorant and clueless teenager! One day when its time for you to start shaving, then you may comment on this kind of thing. Until then, just keep it zipped. Its hard to believe clueless morons like you still exist in the world!

LordDhampire1833d ago

Exactly my point, you guys are trying to grasp onto the glory years....let it die...this is a new generation and no I'm not in my teens Im mid 20's and you don't have to be really old to grasp for straws and try to hang onto the roommate always just plays original playstation just because who grew up with it....terrible games....not even like spyro or crash bandicoot....Im talking like soul of samurai....its the same with star wars fans just because you grew up with the new old ones people swear by them.....

Those movies were amazing for their time.....they are garbage now....stop comparing everything to them and judging even new starwars anything by them...its a different age let the past be the past

SilentNegotiator1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

"If it wasnt for Colecovision and Atari, you wouldnt be gaming right now"

Bulls**t. Games started being made by universities and the military almost as soon as computers were born. Home video games would have been inevitable no matter who started them. Things started rolling before Atari, btw...if you didn't know, they even stole the idea of Pong.

It's like the people that think first person games wouldn't exist today or wouldn't have been thought of for a decade later if not for wolfenstein. Absolutely absurd.

And stop pegging everyone that isn't a middle aged man as a COD fan. Just because people aren't dull enough to think that Zaxxon is an exceptional game, doesn't mean that they play COD. Frankly, it's pretty funny that you think COD is "mindless" compared to the lame games that they have the rights to in this kickstarter. A monkey could manage through most of those games and most of them aren't exactly exceptional in design.

1833d ago
InTheLab1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

These games were meant to be played on the original machines. It's just not the same playing on updated hardware.

I still have my Colecovision and atari and play some of the oldschool games from time to time.

The other issue is how most of these games are terrible on hoome consoles.

Forget the console versions. The arcade versions were much better.

1833d ago
SilentNegotiator1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Some people could make a game more entertaining than the ones they have the rights to in an afternoon.

Support a fresh project instead.

1833d ago