The Worst Pokemon of All Time

IGN: "We love Pokemon, but... there is one that is literally a pile of garbage."

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Lovable2848d ago

Zubat. Anyone who uses this pokemon should be shot.

kB02848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

who ever says what you said should be shot, Zubat is awesome, especially since he can turn into Golbat!

Y_51502848d ago

Crobat is good though. :P

Lovable2848d ago

Too bad good won't cut it when there are better.

Moncole2848d ago

Zubat turns into Golbat and Golbat turns into Crobat. Crobats is one of the best Pokemon.

Lovable2848d ago

NAW man!!! my pikachu can smoke that thing with thunder shock.

Moncole2848d ago

My Crobat will do Attract than will do Sludge Bomb or Zen Headbutt and kill your Pikachu.

Y_51502848d ago

Gen 3 is the worst in his opinion! I loved gen 3! Gave me some of my favorite Pokemon like Aggron!

kB02848d ago

I mostly like the classic 151.They are getting to fluffy now and their names aren't creative anymore:P imo!:P

Xannibal2848d ago

More like getting too Digimon-like :)

Moncole2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Yeah because Seel is such a creative name and Pokemon.

kB02848d ago

it was when a game is new and fresh. It was at least a play using the lettering. What now we have like garbagemon? pfft

I'd rather have another remake of yellow :)

AbortMission2848d ago

All new pokemon are garbage. The series has been milked to hell already.

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