Beyond: Two Souls & David Cage - Why Are They So Divisive?

"Has Beyond: Two Souls been unfairly treated because of its divisive creator?

What is it that divides people to such an extent when it comes to David Cage and his games? What is it that leads the man to be simultaneously hailed as a visionary and derided as an embarrassment? "

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PrivateRyan1933d ago

David Cage is the new Peter Molyneux

Thatguy-3101932d ago

The Kara tech demo is amazing. Only if he can build off that and create a whole story around it. The bad thing about games like this is that the story has to be well executed because that's all the game has going for. Beyond: Two Souls had a very complex plot that was going to be difficult to nail.

Let's imagine the story of Heavy Rain with the presentation of Beyond: Two Souls.I think it would have been an amazing experience.

TimmyShire1933d ago

I'm of the mind that I'll play it before I make my mind up. Reviews are great and all, but ultimately if I want to play a game that's all that should matter (to me, anyway).

izumo_lee1933d ago

David Cage sees the making of games differently than your traditional game creator & there is nothing wrong with that. There is room in the industry for different kinds of experiences & to hate on a guy for looking at things differently is juvenile.

Sure his games may not be for everyone but is there a game that is considered for everyone. Every game out there will have its detractors.

Some of the reviews for Beyond border on immature gruff which the folks over at Daily Reaction (Playstation Lifestyle has posted a story about), some simply don't understand the games mechanics & whatnot.

From what i have seen David Cage's games are ones that need to be experienced first hand to fully understand if one will enjoy it or not. Having second hand reviews be the deciding factor if one will buy a game or not should always be taken with a grain of salt cause of such varying opinions that may or may not be totally genuine.

If you really are having trouble deciding on whether to buy a game or not, watching lets players can be extremely helpful in your decision. I decided to buy Puppeteer from watching lets players play the game.

yewles11933d ago

"Has Beyond: Two Souls been unfairly treated because of its divisive creator?"

The IGN review alone should answer that for you...