Microsoft's Albert Penello On Xbox One's Support For HD DVD, Recording Commands And Launch Supply

Albert Penello who is leading the planning for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Kinect at Microsoft has shared some interesting information about the company's next generation gaming console.

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Goku7811834d ago ShowReplies(1)
KionicWarlord2221834d ago

Albert pennelo really needs to stop answering obvious troll comments.

"Mr. @albertpenello .... quick question. Will the HD DVD add on work with the new X1? In one of the USB ports. I hope so. Lot's of HDDVDs"

Seriously..come on.

malokevi1834d ago

Yeahhh I'm sick of seeing an article every time he opens his mouth. He should at least wait a week and then answer a slew of better questions in one go.

pete0071834d ago

dont worry, gotta feed the trolls otherwise, they stop trolling and maybe start murdering people. troll s syndrome i guess

UltimateMaster1834d ago

What's an HD DVD?
Is it a DVD upscale in HD?

I don't even know why they supported the format in the first place.

Studio-YaMi1834d ago

Penello just doesn't know how to react or properly answer twitter question,unlike Yoshida-san.

He just needs to stop giving those answers,you need a troll to deal with trolls.

nukeitall1833d ago

I don't think it matters who from MS answer your questions, the angry Sony mob will make sure whatever is said, IS NEGATIVE!

There is nothing wrong with Penello's answer and it is as straightforward and honest as can be.

What is the deal people?

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Software_Lover1834d ago

I'm sure he was trolling them......... I hope so.

darthv721834d ago

the drive wont work on the xb1 but it still works on the 360. That is how i have mine setup.

I dont use it as much anymore because my collection of bluray movies exceeds the hddvd's but it still makes a nice collectors piece.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Exactly...every now and then I might wanna pop one in. What I wanna know is will the cd format still be supported?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1834d ago

This is why I asked him. I still have some hi def dvds and would of loved to use them on the same setup that I'll have my X1 on.

Sucks that I can't. Weird that the Sony fans think I'm trolling Albert. I wanted to know if I had to switch my hd dvd player to the living room instead of the game room. I got my answer. And damn.. .wish it was the other way.

nukeitall1833d ago

I have more HD-DVD movies than Blu-Ray. Ironically, I bought more blu-ray movies. To be exact, I have bought 2 blu-ray movies to date, and received 10-15 free HD-DVD when I bought the add-on when it went out of business for a steal. It was like $30 plus 5 movies or something like that.

Have a relatively big collection, but I moved to Netflix streaming and never looked back. Sorry, but the vast majority likely does not care much about blu-ray or disc format anymore!

torchic1834d ago

omg that guy is on N4G and is a reugular Xbox troll! he's always trashing PS4 so I'm pretty sure he was being serious unless he's just a general troll

LOL some people have waaaay too much time on their hands

christocolus1834d ago

lol...people are complaining about this? dude there was a time mark cerny was up on n4g daily with atleast an article or 2 daily....the funny thing is that most of these articles are recycled and put up again with a different heading i.e tomoro you may see.. "ms shuns hddvd support for xbx one"...or "sad news for hd dvd owners as penello confirms it wont he suported on xbx one"..and the same group of trolls would comment in all three recycled articles

BallsEye1834d ago

Well, atleast they are super open about everthing now, which I like. I know what to expect. Sony is completely silent and it's kind of scary considering it's close to the release date.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1834d ago

Troll comments? I have over 20 HD DVD's and want to know if I can use the add on on the new Xbox or not. How is that trolling him?

I love that I am Infamous. I really love it! :D

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boneso821834d ago

It's not the supply we should be asking about, it's the failure rate. Amazing how many people adamant on getting an Xbone over a PS4 forget about the RROD fiasco.

I owned a 360 (well 3 of them) from release day to the PS3 release day about 16 months later in the UK, so not a fanboy comment i have owned both consoles. I will get an Xbone eventually but not until I know how reliable they are and that there are games I can't go without playing available.

NoLongerHereCBA1834d ago

I also had 3-4 Xbox 360's due to RROD and other issues. This is one of the reasons why I am confident that they have done everything in their power to make the system as safe as possible.

Issues can always arise, but i am quite certain it will never be on a RROD scale. The service during the RROD fiasco was furthermore excellent, so if something happens it will be dealt with properly. I never had to pay for any repairs.

hankmoody1834d ago

I really don't think we should expect a RRoD sized debacle this time around as it seems that they've learned their lesson but then again, who knows? The PS4 could very well have its share of problems in its initial run as well. It's funny when you think about how many consoles have had their share of issues. The NES and the original PS are two that come to my mind. My PS would only play games in the upright position or if I just turned it upside down. The NES got pretty bad pretty quick also, with having to blow into the cartridges or jamming another one into the system on top of the one you wanted to play to keep it in place.

Ctiboi20101834d ago


I have already preordered the Xbox One for launch and trust me I have not forgotten about the RROD fiasco that plagued the Xbox 360. It was ridiculous and just like you I went through three 360's before shipping off to boot camp. This however did not stop me from buying an Xbox One for a couple of reasons.

1. I personally prefer the games this launch and see a lot of potential, especially if Microsoft can maintain a solid game lineup throughout the lifespan of the console (unlike the 360).

2. The online experience has been great for me and since my friends all are getting the Xbox One it makes sense.

3. I believe the inclusion of the Kinect 2 along with the many other features both consoles have will make it stand out among the other choices for the next gen.

These are my personal opinions of course. Not an attempt to sway anyone or downplay the PS4, they're both great systems.

Anyway, I understand what you are saying but the argument that the RROD should dictate any of our decisions to get the new system doesn't seem like a fair argument in my opinion. From all of the articles we have seen about how quiet the new console is, the crazy amount of venting as well as how big the fan is I can only assume that Microsoft is taking the correct actions in order to prevent another RROD fiasco.

Your argument to me is the equivalent of me telling future PS4 owners not to buy one or or use the PSN because of the previous situation Sony had when their online service was hacked and shut down due to "maintenance". I'm sure sony took the necessary procedures to improve their PSN so the chances of that aren't as high this time around. It definitely isn't stopping me from picking up a PS4 when I decide to. We just all have to take our chances and hope that the companies learn from their past mistakes I guess.

And hey I don't think you're a fanboy at all, I can see how that would be a concern

4logpc1834d ago

It would be different if the issues was never fixed. The issue was not only fixed, Microsoft took care of the customers who had the RROD.

All companies have issues. I cant tell you how many PS2's I went through. I must have bought like 3 of those things.

BallsEye1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Since we're at it, let me jump in...
Amazing how many people believe in sony "gameplay" trailers after Killzone 2 fiasco ( I could also name many other games that been or downgraded massively after release or just showed target render and claimed as gameplay by S) Amazing how many people forgot about ps1 issues (the first models) where almost every single unit after a while had to lean against something in almost vertical position to read discs. Amazing how people forgot about ps2 fiasco where some units stopped reading discs after a month (I had 3 of them in 1 year after release). Amazing how people forget how sony always forced everyone to buy their "add-ons" like multitap in ps1 and ps2 to allow for 4 player couch games while other consoles had 4 slots built in natively. Same thing goes for online adapter for ps2...wanna play online? BUy a fkin sony ps2 adapter! Amazing how people easily forget about ps3 issues, the YLOD, games that were bricking the whole console, updates that were bricking the console, security breaches where thousands of people had their personal info stolen together with credit card details...amazing...

I could go on and on and on. As for 360, RROD was definately an issue. It was there and no one can deny it. I however or any of my friends weren't affected by it. Guess we were lucky. Still got my white, release date premium xbox360 (2006 !!!) and bought a slim a year ago just cause it's awesome.

boneso821834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Oh right so I guess you must have gone through a few hundred batteries for your controllers, or did you buy microsofts own and play and charge kit? Oh and microsofts own wifi adapter so you can actually use the thing for what most Xbox players enjoy, online multiplayer. Oh and an Xbox live gold subscription or that nice new expensive wifi adapter would be useless. Oh and microsofts own plug in HD-DVD drive to enjoy HD movies...

Don't bang on about Sony's "add ons" for their last gen console, when microsofts current gen console had a greater number of more expensive "add ons". Add it all up, console £299.99, play and charge kit £49.99, wifi adapter £49.99 gold membership £49.99, HD-DVD drive £129.99, total £579.95

In comparison: PS3 £424.99
Rechargeable controllers
Built in wifi
Free online gaming
Built in bluray drive

All the above are how much i paid for items during the launch period.

Ive never experienced YLOD or a bricked console. i have owned each console, my views are impartial, the PS3 is just a more reliable, better value peice of hardware if you make them level on features.

Think a bit more before you go off on an angry fanboy rant, you might not look as stupid in future.

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torchic1834d ago

how do you support something which is dead?

cell9891834d ago

one does not simply resurrect HD-DVD

UncleGermrod1834d ago

What I found confusing is the fact that the article claims no use of voice command to record...when this feature was all ready confirmed "xbox...Record". The question that was actually asked was in regards to the xbox one working as a dvr for tv content, to which he replied "not at launch". Am I missing something here?