Jung Jun Young, "My Worries These Days? That I Don't Have Enough Time For Games"

Korean singer Jung Jun Young, who is making his debut soon, revealed his worries about not having time to play the recently-released Grand Theft Auto 5.

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TheEnigma3131888d ago

"My Worries These Days? That I Don't Have Enough Time For Games"

-Welcome to adulthood sir

fossilfern1888d ago

The guy is 24 years of age, you'd think he would of realised that a bit earlier..

Jovanian 1888d ago

Kpop is just so mindless and manufactured, and the actual performers are so caked in makeup and altered by plastic surgery in attempt to westernize themselves that everything feels fake and uninspired about it. Only good thing going for them are those Kpop music videos with some stupid signature dance that usually involves gyration of the hips or a variation on that one single move

Antiddoser1888d ago

You're correct on every front except for the fact that they actually have their own ideal looks. They do not undergo plastic surgery. simply to look like westerners lol. For example, Westerners define masculine jaw as a beauty trait, Koreans get their mandibles shaved to make their face look V-shaped, more in line with the anime esque look.

Pozzle1888d ago

It's about the same as Western pop tbh. Some songs are ok to listen to, but most are cheap manufactured crap aimed to appeal to the masses. (which is why I'm always amused when K-pop fans say they prefer K-pop over American pop because it's "deeper". It's pop music. If you want something "deep", look at other genres of music, Korean or otherwise).

thaimasker1888d ago

I don't see how any of that is relevant to the guy in the article since he is just korean rock not kpop. Its like complaining how certain American pop singers twerk to get famous in an article about metallica.

3-4-51888d ago

Pozzle's right.

Pop music hasn't been "deep" since the 80's or early 90's

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SSJBen1888d ago

Lol KPOP is shitty music. As if American POP isn't either. Look at your Miley Cyrus... lol.