Nintendo allowing cross-platform online play with Playstation, Xbox users

Believe it or not, one indie developer has revealed that Nintendo has told them they can add cross-platform online play with Xbox and Playstation users. Of course, Sony and Microsoft would have to allow it themselves for this to happen but its a big step for the entire industry that Nintendo seems willing to make first.

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Nitrowolf21839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I expect Sony to follow Nintendo if anything of the big three, especially since they are trying to get their titles on every device possible (not saying Nintendo can play Sony games there)PC is prob a given, considering how open it is and how many games this gen does it already.

In reality, I would love to see all three parties take advantage of this, I loved with Portal two especially that it had it's own network so you can add PC/PS3 friends (well, it is Steam so). Of course there will always be the issue of loud mouths shouting and trolling each other over the mics.

JimmyLmao1839d ago

Sony already allows cross-platform online play, there are games like WarFrame and FinalFantasyXIV:ARR that have cross-platform play on PS4/PC... microsoft's current policies don't allow it though, hopefully they change them... glad to see nintendo is changing them

Nitrowolf21839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

We know that, we are talking about PS4/Wiiu/Xbox One cross-play. I do enjoy that it's there for PC though, I have a lot of buddies on PC and it'll be good to finally be able to play with them.

Misaka_x_Touma1838d ago

of course they would have that. Sony Online Entertainment has Planet Side 2 it obvious for Sony to allow since it coming to ps4

joefrost001838d ago

Actually shadowrun and a couple other titles was cross platform on the 360
And I think cross platform with pc and console is no biggy but console to console would be huge

dlocsta1838d ago

"Sony already allows cross-platform online play, there are games like WarFrame and FinalFantasyXIV:ARR that have cross-platform play on PS4/PC" for all of us that live in the future. You cannot ALREADY allow anything when the console has not been released yet. Suffice it to say Sony has put in place the frame work to allow cross platform play.

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lilbroRx1838d ago

Always has to be something about Sony in the first post.

PopRocks3591838d ago

These comments should praising the crap out of Nintendo. The only other developer I know who has done anything like this is Valve with PSN support in Portal 2.

TekoIie1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Hey now!!!! Dont forget us PC chickens...

We want in on some of that cross platform action too ;)

EDIT: I dont want to come across as an ass trying to start a console war but could MS's dedicated servers block cross platform online play?

sincitysir11839d ago

Agreed because u said chickens ;)

Majin-vegeta1838d ago

Only if you promise not to use hacks :O?

TekoIie1838d ago

Thats a promise I can't keep ;P

thehobbyist1838d ago

Cross-platform with PC can be done over Steam already with games like Portal 2. There's not too much to it yet but I am interested in what will come of it.

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thomasmiller1839d ago

Nintendo is usually the first to do anything, in the video game industry, Like motion control, give it six months and the trolls will be swearing it was sony and microsoft who did it first!! Will this happen with games like call of duty and splinter cell for all three systems? who knows? but I think this is a great way for friends who have different machines to play together on multi platform games, this will catch on, and hopefully sony and microsot will pick up on this idea as well.

sincitysir11839d ago

I drop all friends who don't
Have the same system as me./s

Ot that's good because I loved playing portal 2 on my sps3 while my friend playing on pc.

TekoIie1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Friends are overrated./s

GirlOnFire1839d ago

Sony picked up this idea...over 8 years ago. Phantasy Star Universe is one example for PS2. I'm sure there's more.

Misaka_x_Touma1838d ago

cross play with pc is easy. Cross Play with competitors is not.

GirlOnFire1838d ago

and FF XI online cross platform PS2/PC also.

thebudgetgamer1838d ago

Sega had a motion control thing way back in the day.

millzy1021838d ago

Nintendo still did it first look up powerglove.

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lodossrage1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Just look at things like Portal 2, Skullgirls, etc. So IF there is any problem with this, it won't come from their end. And Nintendo will allow it also apparently so......

mrbojingles1839d ago

Cross platform play with one console and PCs isn't anything new. This is about a console maker actually being open to allowing play with OTHER console owners. That's huge.

Misaka_x_Touma1838d ago

let me guess you didn't read the article

iamnsuperman1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Great Nintendo are open to it but there is an issue with servers which means this is next to impossible. It all depends on who servers the game runs on. Nice Nintendo are allowing this but it is a bit of an empty gesture as it is next to impossible to implement (especially when the console go through their platform ecosystem to even get online. i.e. Live, PSN...)

Lot easier to go from PC to console as the servers are run by the same people. Much more difficult on consoles with differing ecosystems

Ol_G1838d ago

if the maker of the game uses dedicated servers there's no such problem

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