PSX Extreme: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Please note: Because this is just technically a demo, we can't really give it an overall score. But because people would like to see it in a rated format, here it is.

Visual cues such as lighting have also been corrected in the final Prologue, and you'll no longer be blinded by reflected glare. The game looks much better for it too, with a more vivid and natural presence. The visual details here are nothing short of flawless. I looked, and looked, and looked...and couldn't tell the difference between the 350Z in the game, and the one in my garage - that goes double for the interior. They've even got the texture of the steeling wheel, and the windshield's sunlight repellent down. The car models are downright flawless - and the only thing to look forward to in the final Gran Turismo 5 is to have some of the some of the aliasing smoothed out. If you're wondering, yes, much of the screen tearing that plagued the game earlier on has been fixed too. I found that the game looks particularly fantastic on native 1080i and 1080p sets, plasma especially, as it minimizes whatever fragments of aliasing the game has (it isn't much)."

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Frnicatr3833d ago

........most people only care for the score and not read the whole review. Other sites gave it a score, why not this?

chanto233833d ago

i see it a a whole game...and a good one too...there is no doubt that Gran Turismo owns...the game is beautiful and the way each car handles its addicting to say the least. I cant get enough of this game and it has enough depth to last for a while. The online portion is simplistic but it gets the job done.

PS. Im really considering getting the Logitech wheel :)

Clinton5143833d ago

No one could find me a "demo" that matched the depth of GT5P.

It may not be for everyone but it's far from a demo. As for the wheel, I'm using my old GT Force wheel from my PS2. Works amazingly, I'd hold on to the money to get a new wheel once the final game releases. :)

iheartSONY3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Don't get me wrong I bought this "game/demo" & like it but you won't find a "demo" with more depth than GT5P just like you won't find another $40 "demo". Dude theres noting wrong with calling it a demo! Its a "piece/sample" of the final game, so dude its a "demo". Its just a Badazz, fully featured "demo" thats all!

Whoooop3833d ago

It's stunning, specially the c*ckpit view and replays.

Tracks are real and the lighting is impressive. Too bad I get bored easily with sim racers...

GT5 (full version) will have to be something special for me to fork the $62

PS: lol at spell filter not allowing c0ck on c0ckpit.

chanto233833d ago

i understand what you are saying about some people getting bored with a sim racer, but for some reason the devs nailed the handling for each car to the point i want to try out every car available unlike previous GT games in which i just wanted to get the fastest car and ignore the others. This time around each car is an experience of his own...and with the new c0ckpit view OMG!!! *drool* cant wait for the full GT5 version

level 3603833d ago

It was not intended to be a demo as stated by Kazunori Yamauchi-san, just happened to be that a whole lot of fans are asking for a quick-fix *very soon enough so the Prologue came-out to be as it is and along the way updates had to be implemented from time to time so as to put the other missing links to improve the game even more.

And updates will happen more often I think ( concerning on-line features like fixing the penalty system for one and a host of other special featurettes provided by the game ) because it is expected that this Prologue might even have damage-mode way before the Full Version GranTurismo 5 is released on the shelves.

Ri0tSquad3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

"For the past ten years now, Gran Turismo has been Sony's most successful franchise, in addition to being one of the most popular in the world. With only four games under its belt, the series has sold an astonishing 50 million copies to date."

"To put this into perspective: the entire Final Fantasy franchise, which spans numerous consoles, over 20 games (spin-offs included), has sold just over 80 million. There are eight Grand Theft Auto games, again, spanning multi-platform releases: and it holds just over 70 million sold. It took Nintendo over 20 Pokemon games to sell close to 175 million."

That just proves that the fan base and strength behind the GT games is not to underestimated by any fanboy or anyone who doubts the franchise.

"Visual cues such as lighting have also been corrected in the final Prologue, and you'll no longer be blinded by reflected glare. The game looks much better for it too, with a more vivid and natural presence."

I expect GT5 to nail all of the small graphical imperfections of the game if Prologue improved this much over a demo.

"An online mode has also been added, but it isn't very fleshed out and relies on randomized matches. Sony should be updating Prologue's online component with a downloadable patch, and hopefully we're given some additional content, as well. Still, this is a demo, and the online network for the game is new, so the fact that we even have some online capability is nice."

My only complaint, the online portion of GT5 Prologue. If they update it and fix it I will have no other complaints.

"For $40, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is an absolute steal."

Absolutely. No doubting that.

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