1P Start: Mortal Kombat vs DC Comics Preview - No Fatalities

1P Start writes: "Wow, this is a game I never expected to see happen. Imagine all your favourite Mortal Kombat characters, my personal favourite was always Raiden, going up against all your favourite DC Comics characters, you can't beat Batman for a dark superhero. Now put that all in a video game and watch the results… pretty awesome huh?

Well, it's happening, and Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Comics will be coming to a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 near you this Fall after Midway officially announced the game in Las Vegas this week. They also issued a press release, and some early preview game footage that you can see embedded below:"

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Danja3835d ago

im still not sold that Midway will pull this gonna give them the benefit of the doubt until i get more concrete info on this game..

but They should never bite the hands that feed them....MK..made Midway seems they're trying to kill off the once good Franchise.

kalistyles3835d ago

Tisk, tisk. So dissapointed.