Rumor: Mango and Cherry Wii U bundles leaked

Retailers are listing what appears to be two new Wii U bundles, each with a surprising new color.

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Concertoine1835d ago

I wonder if they taste any good.

CaptainYesterday1835d ago

Don't be stupid of course they do.

AWBrawler1835d ago

I still hate i never got that lime green wii shown off at the revolution reveal of e3 2005.

Thepcz1835d ago

lol wiiu needs more games not more colours.

nintendo must think the consumers are stupid.

live2play1835d ago

Red cherry wiiu... There's a red cherry powerup in 3dworld ...consumers love bundles
yellow mango...? Donkey Kong..?

and gave you not been paying attention the past couple of months? Wii has been getting a steady stream of games now

please refrain from making yourself sound stupid, I can see that complaint a few months back but not now

Thepcz1835d ago

'consumers love bundles''

consumers love games more. when the wiiu is struggling to get off the shelves, nintendo should really concentrate and put all resources into getting more games out and securing more games for the future.

offering the wiiu in new colours at this point when it is struggling to sell is insulting because it suggests the only thing wrong with the wiiu is its colour, and simply offering new colours will make people say 'wow' and rush out to get one. of course, they wont.

'' Wii has been getting a steady stream of games now ''

yes, but not enough. it needs more exclusive games

''please refrain from making yourself sound stupid''

my point is valid and smart. more games please, less gimmicks.

live2play1835d ago

"concentrate and put all resources into getting more games out".....
...yes because the SAME people that make games have to personally go and paint the consoles by hand...
c'mon man please you're embarrassing yourself.

X1PS4WiiU1835d ago

Im sure Nintendo pulled its game devs from work and had them work on two new wii u colors......not.

for we are many1835d ago

I am "waist-deep" in Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Super Luigi U and Monster Hunter U, miss them and it's all yourself to blame if you really like fun games. Not to mention that I still need to finish countless Wii and 3ds games as well as gazillion games on Steam and some other games on PS3 and 360. So, Nintendo, take all the time you want to bring out the ultra high quality games we've been grown accustomed to!

brewin1835d ago

silly troll... go back to under ur friggin bridge.

BullyMangler1835d ago

nope what you think nintendo is in a rush? haha as you can see they are NOT . YOU just need to focus on your lifes career, on YOUR goals, on your DREAMS, instead of wanting and wanting more games . ever think of that? (:

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mrbojingles1835d ago


New colors won't fix the sales problem but hey it can't hurt to have options? Also, the Wii U literally just had a steady stream of exclusives.

It had Wario in June, Pikmin in August, Wonderful 101 in Sept, Wii Party U and Sonic Lost World this month, Mario 3D World, Wii Sports Club and Mario Sonic Olympics in November, Wii Fit U in December and Donkey Kong in Feb.

Whether that very steady stream of exclusives gets consumers on board remains to be seen of course, but it is very much a good stream of exclusives.

Thepcz1835d ago

'' it can't hurt to have options''

i want a wiiu. but as a potential buyer, i now think ''ok, i will get the wiiu in cherry, when enough games that i want are out to warrant its purchase''.

I think most level headed people will think the same. i wont change my mind about holding off just because the new colours are there.

the wiiu has had some solid games out recently and there are some more coming soon, as you listed... sonic lost world does look great, and obviously wind waker is classic, but there needs to be something bigger. i may just wait for xenoblade 2.

mrbojingles1835d ago

You won't change your mind just because of a console color but there are plenty of people who would, if the price/lineup is right in combination with that color. Heck, I'd probably buy another 3DS XL right if they released that clear casing one they showed off in the past.

I get it, the colors don't influence you but you aren't the only person in the world. I doubt that very many people will say "OOH a mango or red wii u, time to jump on board!" but it will get their attention and at least get them talking about the system which is better than noting and better than how public perception of the console has been doing since launch.

CaptainPunch1835d ago

Can we please get a silver one?

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