360 has the advantage - Ubisoft

Ubisoft executive Alain Corre has said he believes Microsoft is set to reap the benefits of the European PS3 delay this Christmas in the form of extra hardware and software sales.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our sister site, Corre - who is executive director of EMEA territories - said, "We had three PS3 games down for Christmas. I would have preferred the PS3 to come in, but it wasn't a big part of our business plan this year, and it can easily be replaced by the extra sales we'll do on 360 games that would have been cannibalised by PS3 games.

"I think that Sony giving an extra Christmas to Microsoft is an issue because the more 360 is established in homes, the less PS3 will be," he continued.

"The PS3 and the 360 are not cheap, so once people buy a machine they won't neccessarily by a second one three months after that or even a year after that. So I think for Sony, the earlier the better now."

According to Corre, the PS3 delay will not just benefit Microsoft but also Nintendo, which is set to launch the Wii in Europe on 8th December priced at GBP 179 / EUR 249.

When asked if the relatively low price point for the console is set to give Nintendo a much bigger advantage over its rivals, Corre replied, "I think it is. Thanks to this machine, Nintendo will convert a lot of non-gamers to the gaming community.

"Women, parents, gamers that used to play on NES or SNES and think games have got too complicated - the Wii might bring them into this business, which is good news for all of us."

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Capt CHAOS4465d ago

On how many messages will be posted on this thread.. PS3 and Xbox 360 fanboys invited.

ASSASSYN 36o4465d ago

Xbox has always had a stable infrastructure in Europe.

BIadestarX4465d ago

I don't think there is much to disagree with this guy. You have to be a super fanboy to think that PS3 delays are not hurting Sony's future PS3 sales.

Ravenator5294465d ago

No matter what anyone may think, anything that you delay will give your competition a little more of an immediate edge.

Only the long run will tell though.

JasonXE4465d ago

MS should annouce true fantasy live online for this christmas and bid on SE to make them a f7 remake. The masses shall be contain :-D

Dusk4465d ago

This doesn't mean the PS3 is doomed, but its definately an advantage for the 360. MS is also no slouch when it comes to marketing. They are already taking advantage of the situation and will continue to do so, with bundles, advertising, and specific marketplace attractions.

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The story is too old to be commented.