Tons of New XCOM: Enemy Within Screenshots and Official Trailer

The newly announced XCOM: Enemy Within has created quite a buzz and it seems that plenty of gamers out there cannot wait to get their hands on the game. Essentially an upgraded edition of the smash hit, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the new XCOM features tons of new additions to give players the complete experience.

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come_bom1837d ago

Nice. One of my most expected games for the end of 2013.

tanookisuit1837d ago

Enemy Unknown was so damn good, like... DAMN!
I'm hyped for this one, too.

Ashby_JC1837d ago

I was surprised how addicted I got to enemy unknown. I look forward to this addition.

The game reminded me of this UFO defense game I played as a kid.

I ended up buying this game on the cheap months and months after release and I was very very happy with it.