‘Assassin’s Creed 4’ director: Would you buy ‘Black Flag’ on Xbox One or PS4?

If you are the type of gamer who will be getting both the PS4 and Xbox One, but you're not sure whether or not to buy the Xbox One version of Assassin's Creed 4 versus the PS4 edition, we may have some insight to help with that.

In an exclusive interview with Examiner, Assassin's Creed 4 game director Ashraf Ismail talked about the differences between the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game and which version of the game has more to offer gamers.

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PFFT1835d ago

Both probably. If i had both consoles the chances of me getting both version would be high.

TomahawkX1835d ago

Why would you get both? The xbone version doesn't have anything different, no kinect or cloud powerz. Unless you just want to play it using the xbone controller, or you're just rich and don't give a ****

AlexanderNevermind1835d ago

If I were getting both systems, I would get it for the system that has the extra content. I have no controller preference as I am one who is good with both the PS and Xbox controller. By all accounts the PS4 version offers more bang for your buck.

PFFT1835d ago

Well much of it would have to do with the Online portion. Play online with both my XBO and PS4 friends. I wish i was rich but i do work hard for my vices. And gaming is one of them.

xHeavYx1835d ago

I'd get the version with 1 hour of extra content

MrSwankSinatra1835d ago

Actually it does have kinect features.

thechosenone1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

PS4 version no question.

"Ubisoft Explains PS4 Version of Assassin’s Creed 4, Will Have Superior Waves And Wind Simulation"

Legion211835d ago

@thechosenone they never said what he was comparing it to. For all we know they were comparing the PS3 version to the PS4.

nukeitall1835d ago

I would just get it on the platform I prefer. The extra hour of content is nice, but not worth agonizing over the controller I don't like.

The extra remote play is kind of useless unless you have a PS Vita, which I don't.

UltimateMaster1835d ago

The PS4 version will be even more incredible than the PS3 version.

It'll feature more realistic vegetation, better storms and rain effect, more realistic ocean naval combat simulation with better ocean waves.

Generally all around better.

But if you're only playing it for the story, then it may not matter much anyway. It's the same game story wise.

UltimateMaster1835d ago

Here's a good reason why to pick the PS version over Xbox:

Saviour1835d ago

@thechosenone - You Better read that article about Ps4 having better wind simulation again. He's talking about ps3 vs ps4 and not vs xbox. Xbox one next gen there will be no noticable difference interm of graphics and phsics.

PeaSFor1835d ago

pretty much ALL game on ps4 will be playable on psvita by remoteplay so its a no brainer, Xbone for exclusivity and PS4 for everything else.

minimur121835d ago

well, being as I'm getting a PS4, it'd be pretty silly to get the X1 version :)

mikeslemonade1835d ago

Neither this game looks robotic and too many scripted animations. I'm not here to play up-res current gen games.

dantesparda1835d ago


"I would just get it on the platform I prefer. The extra hour of content is nice, but not worth agonizing over the controller I don't like."

I agree, "agonizing" over having to use/put up with that 360 controller is just not worth it

"The extra remote play is kind of useless unless you have a PS Vita, which I don't."

Just like if you dont have a smartphone or tablet then smartglass is "kind of useless", oh wait, smartglass is just "useless" period.

Nuke you're a wannabe neutral joke, try harder. And to all the stupid fanboys who think there is such a big difference between dualshock and the 360 controller. There ISNT!!! they are far more the same than they are different. They both have the same number of buttons, in basically the same exact place and the same number and kind of control sticks/pads. And even have the same form factor/shape, the biggest difference is the reversing of the stick/dpad on the left-side of the controller.

badz1491834d ago

not buying the game as I'm not a fan but if you have PS Vita, PS4 version is a no brainer for the Remote Play, right? and not to forget the exclusive extra contents too.

Chrischi19881834d ago

and because it isnt any different, he has to take the PS version?

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hankmoody1835d ago

That game is way too big for me to dedicate two consoles worth of playing to, especially with so much else out there worthy of attention but hey, if it floats your boat then by all means.

RedDeadLB1835d ago

Wow, look at the freaking disagrees.

I guess some people honestly disagree you'll get the game on PC. Looks like they know you better than yourself. Tough luck homie.

sinjonezp1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Forget the hate. I will be getting this on PC as well. Upgrading to gtx770 or rx290 sli or crossfire. So I can play at 1080p everything turned on with no frame rate issues. Just like I will get titanfall on PC. That game is meant for PC . the community will make that game incredible beyond its release. If you game on PC cool. You cannot knock the person for wanting the superior experience. I will get a ps4 but not for multiplat. Just exclusives. Any multiplat should be played on PC. Say what you want but once you do there is no going back.

M-M1835d ago

@dmitrijs88, @Buljo, @sinjonezp

This is an article about next generation consoles, not PCs.

KazHiraiFTW1835d ago

Obviously PC. An article about PS4 vs Xdone is just pointless, the sheep have already chosen what money grubbing corporation they've bent over for, for a much lesser quality experience mind you. They will basically end up the same.

Sinjonexp you might want to wait for benchmarks before you upgrade apparently Ubisoft has a huge contract with Nvidia so their games may perform better. However if you like Battlefield AMD has the new Mantle API so you have to weigh your options.

Bolts1835d ago

The PC version is crippled by Uplay. I would rather buy the console version just to have my achievements go to my Playstion Network id instead of the Uplay blackhole.

badz1491834d ago


"Obviously PC. An article about PS4 vs Xdone is just pointless, the sheep have already chosen what money grubbing corporation they've bent over for, for a much lesser quality experience mind you."

sheep? aren't you a smartass! PCs that can outperform the PS4 and Xbone at this point in time is easily at least double the price of either console! the real question; is there any $400 PC that can run the game better than next gen consoles? I don't think so! so STFU! damn....I absolutely hate PC elitist like you!

I play most multiplats on my PC too and my PC cost 3 times the PS3, so of course I'm expecting games to look better, right? there's really no need for name calling for what people prefer, plus this is next gen discussion! go bring your PC ego somewhere else!

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Goku7811835d ago

Who thinks like that? I have all systems (still waiting on Wii U) but only get which one i deem best or best preference (I prefer PS controller). In this situation PS4

Lior1835d ago

You can buy the ps4 controller and play it on pc, Sony confirmed you can use the new controller on pc on release

ZodTheRipper1835d ago

^ I'm preferring to play on a console - so PS4 for me as well.

Cloudyday711835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I'm getting it on the Xbone because it will be better balanced.

Back-to-Back1835d ago



sinjonezp1835d ago


Best comment I have read all day Lol.

Cable2kx1835d ago

I really think he was being sarcastic

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1835d ago

Cloudyday71 + 10h ago
I'm getting it on the Xbone because it will be better balanced.
#1.5(Edited 10h ago) | Agree(5) | D#

Never go full retard.

rainslacker1835d ago

Sarcasm often goes unappreciated, or unnoticed on N4G.

GezForce1835d ago

Here's a bubble for being funny :)

solidjun51834d ago

LMAO!!! People lighten up. This was classic sarcasm. +1

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Lior1835d ago

neither I would make the sensible decision with the pc version and play it at 1440p

Studio-YaMi1835d ago

If you have the rig to support it then by all means,knock yourself out,it's your money.

Till I build a decent rig with duel 780 SLI I'll just stick with the PS4 version which happens to have exclusive extra content.

Bhuahahaha1835d ago

let me guess xbone version you'll be getting from papa
ps4 is from mama right?

PlayStation_41835d ago

PS4 has exclusive content (not much but a deciding factor), and according to Ubisoft better wind/water simulation.

So I'd go for that personally, and unless your friends are on X1 you probably should too.

Beastforlifenoob1835d ago

I would buy it on ummmm...
either PC or PS4 its a hard choice, probs the PS4.

showtimefolks1835d ago

i gave up on AC series after the 2nd because of boring combat, i understand many love this franchise so more power to them. if i was interested i would buy it for ps4

KontryBoy7061835d ago

wow... just throwing money in a hole

Gamer19821834d ago

Id get the wiiu version due to lack of DLC XD. Seriously though the PC version all the way..

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cell9891835d ago

Let's be realistic, I'd buy the PS4 version #superior #betterresolution #framerateisking

torchic1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

#dontyougetit #its2013 #weputhashtagsineverything

PrimeGrime1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Well said. This hashtag stuff makes me cringe. Reminds me of really ignorant acronyms.

"I dont see whats the problem with #hashtags, they come handy, you dont have to write a whole sentence"

Just when I thought I couldn't see anything more stupid than what I have already.

GryestOfBluSkies1835d ago

i just face palmed so hard that i almost broke my nose.

cell9891835d ago

I dont see whats the problem with #hashtags, they come handy, you dont have to write a whole sentence

GryestOfBluSkies1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

you dont have to write a whole sentence? please tell me about how much time you saved.

cactusjack1835d ago

cell, you just wrote a whole sentence, with the hashtag.

NexGen1835d ago

Because hashtags aren't sentence substitutes...they're twitter search words. You might have missed the memo, but this isn't twitter, and the hashtag does nothing here other than make you look like a tool.

Legion211835d ago

It hope so, in the E3 demo there was some terrible framerate issues.

Studio-YaMi1835d ago

They did show another gameplay from EuroGamer and it was fairly smooth.

Probably an old build or a damaged PS4 on the E3 demo.

Feralkitsune1835d ago

A demo months ago of a game in development on brand new system had having issues? WHAT?!

Legion211834d ago

@Feralkitsune I'm just saying the I hope they optimized properly for the release, no need for the sarcasm. No one wants a broken game.

TechMech21835d ago


TechMech21834d ago

Yes it is. I believe that the overall internet features allowed by Xbox one make it a superior system for me. See. Opinion. Quit being a fanboy.

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ufo8mycat1835d ago

That boxart made my decision for me
"60 minutes of additional gameplay"

MasterCornholio1835d ago

According to the developer the PS4 version is superior due to the extra content and remote play.

Sounds about right but we won't know the difference in visuals until the launch of this title.

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