IBM 32nm Processors Sampling in Winter 2008

IBM says 32nm processors will offer 35% more performance than 45nm parts

Chipmakers are always looking to move to smaller nanometer build processes. The smaller process allows them to get more chips on a single wafer and helps improve power efficiency and performance at the same time.

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Lord Anubis3886d ago

yay. with 45 ready and 32 in the horizon a price cut would be expected to launch with the 45.

MorganX3886d ago

I'm with you Anubis. Cheaper the processor, the more features can be added to consoles.

But a 35% performance increase with a die shrink... Wow!

ruibing3886d ago

Well there's still the poor value of the USD that's preventing a price drop in the US. Once that goes up, a price drop should not be far behind.

nbsmatambo3885d ago

i guess the smaller the chips the more price cuts we get =D

Bonsai12143886d ago

haha. why's it a picture of cell...

45nm is already TINY... its crazy to think they can shrink it a bit more. its only a few wavelengths of light difference.. lol.

heck, most computers aren't even using 45nm. i can only think of the macbook air that uses a 45nm chip

Lord Anubis3886d ago

it's manufacturing process.

Bonsai12143886d ago

yeah, i know. but the fact that they can shrink it that much still amazes me.

Lord Anubis3886d ago

Sadly unless they find other materials 32nm is the limit.

spirited3886d ago

does anyone know what chip xbox360 jasper will have i'll be pissed off if it still has 65nm and not 45nm.why microsoft taking this much time to update the chips.

LinuxGuru3886d ago


We could easily see 8-core processors in PCs with the significant decrease in heat 32nm would offer. Hell, I bet even stock cooling systems could handle that just fine!

Very nice indeed.

SuperSaiyan43886d ago

Smaller process also means less heat but with greater efficiency I sure hope next gen means the use of such processors, imagine an 8 core CPU - the 360 CPU uses a triple core and an 8 core on a 32mn process would be incredible.

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