Final Fantasy 10 & 10-2 HD: 'These Games Have Something Forgotten By Modern Games'

NowGamer: "Final Fantasy 10 HD and Final Fantasy 10-2 HD have been in the works for a while. Producer Yoshinori Kitase updates us on its progress."

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NexGen1836d ago

And a lack of release date probably...most modern games already have those lol.

I want this already.

_QQ_1836d ago

Cinimatic Experience or GTFO!! /s

PrivateRyan1836d ago

'These Games Have Something Forgotten By Modern Games'

And that includes modern Final Fantasy games

Lovable1836d ago

Like how FF X and FF 13 are the same where you run from one hallway to the other? Or how FF 14 remained true to its roots?

Nerdmaster1836d ago

FF XIII tries really hard to be X, but it spoiled everything they took from X.

They took the Sphere Grid and made the terrible Crystarium, people like how X was emotional and they decided to make overly emotional characters in XIII, X was linear but had towns and places to take a break while XIII had dungeon after dungeon and fight after fight, and the list goes on.

Lovable1836d ago

They didn't copy X, that's where the series is going...Versus will be the exact same thing.

Pozzle1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Linearity isn't necessarily a bad thing. But IMO the difference between the linearity in FFXIII and the linearity in FFX is that Spira felt like a real world that was populated by real people. It made me believe a place like that could really exist. And even though you spend most of the game walking in a straight line, you still get to know the world of Spira while playing. Each area is different than the last; from the calm beachy Besaid, to the strange foreigness of Guadosalam, to the eerie deserted holy place of Zanarkand.

But FFXIII never felt like a real world to me. The way the linearity was set-up constantly reminded me I was jut playing a game, rather than exploring an actual world filled with actual people. And it was frustrating seeing things in the distance and knowing I couldn't reach them because the game didn't want me to go there.

I think that's a big problem with linearity in RPGs...when I'm forced to walk in a straight line for 40+ hours, the world and story better be damn interesting or else I'll get bored with it. The world has to be fun; it has to feel REAL. Otherwise, the hallway design sticks out like a sore-thumb and is not enjoyable to play.

DragonKnight1836d ago

Like how FF13 is nothing like FFX you mean?

Or can you explore towns in FF13? You can't?

Or can you talk to NPCs in FF13? Oh, you can't do that either?

Or can you do minigames in FF13? Damn, no minigames either?

Or the characters are good in FF13? Nope.

Or you can control all the characters in a battle and not die because one character died in FF13? No again?

Or you have to actually play the game instead of hitting "Auto-Battle" in FF13? Still no eh?

Or the summoned monsters are actually useful and actual monsters? How many nos is that?

Do I have to keep going? Yes? Ok.

Or how....

You get the point.

FF14 was remade to be true to its roots and it only stayed that way out of fear and the fact that Toriyama was kept FAR away from it.

"Versus will be the exact same thing."

Versus doesn't exist. If you mean FFXV then A)It's being done by Nomura so you're wrong, and B)Give me the winning lottery numbers since you can see into the future.

Lovable1836d ago


Like I said, they didn't copy FFX, so point stand.

A. Versus or FF 15 same thing. I never said FF 15 isn't being done by Nomura, so not sure where you pulling that out? B. Winning lottery is 12, 16, 19,20, 28, 34, 42 and bonus is 09.


DragonKnight1836d ago

@Lovable: You forget your own words so easily?

"Like how FF X and FF 13 are the same where you run from one hallway to the other?"

That's the same as saying FF13 copied X and you couldn't be more incorrect.

"I never said FF 15 isn't being done by Nomura, so not sure where you pulling that out?"

Wow, you really do have a short attention span don't you. You said "the series is headed in that direction and Versus (FFXV) will be the same."

The 13 trilogy was done by Toriyama, FFXV is done by Nomura. They have very different styles of game direction and design. FFXV is going to be more like Kingdom Hearts, not FF13. This is especially true since the team developing it is the KH team and the combat is pretty much the same as well. So you clearly no very little about FF.

As for your lottery numbers, those were last weeks numbers. You fail yet again.

Lovable1836d ago


Again, you love to assume huh?

Yet, again you're assuming buddy.

Also, just because it came out last week, doesn't change the fact that it has the same chance of coming out this week or the next. So once again point stand.

Anything else buddy?

DragonKnight1836d ago

How is what I said an assumption when it's based in fact while what you said is allegedly fact when it's based on assumption?

Wow, you've really lost it. You don't even provide points, let alone counter points.

Keep deluding yourself.

Lovable1836d ago


All I stated is how its the same with running from hallway to hallway which is true and a FACT. I never stated that it's complete exact carbon copy of FFX. Like I said, you just LOVE to assume and try to make a point out of nothing.

What is there to counter when you're putting words on my mouth already? I've never stated anything and you ASSUMING once again that I did.

It hurts huh?

DragonKnight1836d ago

I'm not assuming anything, they aren't the same.

In FFX you can explore, in FF13 you can't.

How is that even remotely the same as FF13's completely straight line playthrough?

Like I said, just keep deluding yourself.

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x5exotic1836d ago

Hipster crap.

Final Fantasy 12 was my favorite; the world of Ivalice is hands down the best open world out there. Sure it was separated into sections instead of being one large piece of land, but it was still 5 seconds, not ages like Skyrim, and the best thing is: It was an actual world; it had variety of places, not just 2-3 very similar cities with copy-paste buildings and crap. Wherever I went I felt like I was exploring it. No redundancy or lack of creativity.

FF13 did less of the same but it was still fun.

Sure new FF games don't play like the old ones, but who cares? Every FF played differently.

And FF15 will probably be the best thing yet.

HmongAmerican1836d ago

Dam, Square need to do a remake of FF12. I love that game. Been playing it over and over again and its never get old.

ScubbaSteve1836d ago

How cool would that be, just imagine FF12 in HD, and maybe while they're porting it over somebody just accidentally deletes the first 5 hours of the game and removes Vaan and all of his dialog. That'd be the best version of FF12 ever.

Seriously tho the first 5 hours of that game is what keeps me from replaying it.

HmongAmerican1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I don't know about you but to each his own. I just love the character design of the game and the storyline. Even though I hate Vaan. I still find it enjoyable, especially the gameplay and the Espers battle.

KillaManiac1836d ago

It has....length of more than 5-10 hours of gameplay.

NatureOfLogic1836d ago

FFX would have half of It's content split into a ton of DLC if it was a modern release. I mean seriously, you now have to pay to fight ultima weapon and other well known FF bosses in these modern FF games. It's sad really, we're all getting screwed big time with DLC.

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