What happened to Nicholas Picholas or Video and Arcade Top 10?

In 1991, a Canadian television show called Video and Arcade Top 10 launched on YTV. The show was the brainchild of Robert Essery. “He was a finger on the pulse of the trend kind of guy. I am sure he realized the home videogame audience was growing,” Nicholas Picholas told me as he described how the show got started. “Nintendo was looking for a vehicle to market [the NES], and a couple ideas came together and the show really took off fast.”

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CaptainYesterday1860d ago

I loved this show when I was a kid watched it every saturday morning :)

CanadianTurtle1860d ago

I used to watch this show as well! I have to admit, some episodes were awesome, while others were absolute crap. Some of the games they chose were questionable. It was sad that they never showed any Playstation games.

I loved it whenever they had the SuperSmashBros Melee tournaments though.

CaptainYesterday1860d ago

Yeah some episodes were awkward and boring the prizes were kinda lame but I loved that show so much, I'm almost positive they did a few Playstation games.

TomahawkX1860d ago

I still remember the catchy opening theme song which was a remix of the Crash Man theme from Megaman 2.

DragonKnight1860d ago

Frickin' LOVED this show. Always tried to get on it but never could.

1860d ago
tanookisuit1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Obligatory: "It's LETTER-TIME... It's LETTER-TIME!"

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