New Drakengard 3 Screens Released For Its American Audience

Square-Enix officially announced today that Drakengard 3 will be making its way to North America in 2014 for the PS3. To usher in its arrival a host of new screenshots have been release, which you can view below.

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NiteX1838d ago

Color me holy crap surprised! I think I will get this just because they did this. Also I liked the first game.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1838d ago

At $50. Nothing wrong with that. Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies is doing the same. Discounted price Digital Only. I think it's a great idea.

Blastoise1838d ago

Yeah, I don't. I like physical games and I'd appreciate the option

TomahawkX1838d ago

There is a physical copy, you can preorder it at the SE store.

VsAssassin1838d ago

The scans of this game when they first came out didn't really impress me' however, after seeing the trailer, I think i just might pick it up. This is coming from someone who loved drakengard 1 but didn't quite like 2.

I hope the numbered women have more back story and depth to them.

izumo_lee1838d ago

I assume the numbered women will play a big part in the game cause if i read correctly your character is going around killing them. The fact that these women are more or less your 'sisters' there will be some deep sh*t & emotional angst involved.

I applaud Squarenix to have the balls to localize this game, although the first 2 were also released so it shouldn't be that big a surprise.

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BobBelcher1838d ago

If you cancel your PS+ do you still get to play your digital copies?

FunAndGun1838d ago

No, you only get to play your digital content while you are a member.

If you re-subscribe all the content you previously downloaded will be available however.

Kinda like Netflix.