20 games in two months: How to make time for this fall’s biggest titles

Post Arcade writes: "We’re going to help you figure out how to prioritize your purchases, to determine which of the earlier releases you may want to hold off on and buy for next-generation hardware over the holidays, and how to make it through the eight craziest days of video game hardware and software launches we’ve seen in a generation."

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1835d ago

Im only buying Link between two worlds and Pokemon X. Maybe a wiiU around the holidays. Batman and ACIV I'll borrow from friends.

Holding off on buying a PS4 till April.

CrossingEden1835d ago

When's a link between worlds coming out????

3-4-51835d ago

I'm not buying a PS4 until about March or April.

By that time I'll have more money and more games will have been released.

There are a lot of games but the best part about not being able to play them all is that 1-5 years from now, they will still be there for you to play, but at a discounted price.

lastofgen1835d ago

Ton of games, but I normally only buy and play 2-3 games per year.

strigoi8141835d ago

and the rest are pirated?? kidding...oh shit maybe im right

lastofgen1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

i normally get long-lasting games, so each game generally lasts me more than a few months..
I don't fine myself getting easily bored of a game that I like.

ProjectVulcan1835d ago

How to make time?

Fake your own death.

That's what I did and it was worth it to get ten consecutive minutes on GTA5 I would never have before.

GusBricker1835d ago

I think I'm getting like 10 games the rest of the year + Xbox One and an extra controller...crap, that's like $1300.

Hey, Good news! My Christmas shopping is done! Yay!

Regis1835d ago

You are not the only one I spent about 1000-1400 dollars as well as I got DR3, BF4 and Pre., AC4 and Season pass, WD, Ryse, TCTD, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Destiny, Quantum Break, and possible Halo5 need to see some gameplay first.

GusBricker1835d ago

I didn't even include games like Titanfall, Destiny, Quantum Break, etc. The next year is going to be crazy, awesome and expensive.

Nerdmaster1835d ago

Since the beginning of this month I already bought 4 games (Beyond Two Souls - waiting for my preorder to arrive, Rune Factory 4, Just Dance 4 and Rhythm Thief) and there are still 2 games to buy this month (Sonic Lost World and Pokémon X). At least I only want 1 game that will be released on November (Super Mario 3D Land).

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