Inside the Twisted World of Competitive Pokemon Battling

Back in the days of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, I joked about the joy of Pokemon Eugenics, and outlined the insane process of generating a battleworthy Pokemon. Five years on, that process remains much the same, and it's still every bit as twisted. Yes, twisted.

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NYC_Gamer1888d ago

I remember when used to play Red/Blue/Yellow on GB color

HawtPaws1888d ago

I don't play with people who use the phrases "smogon," "weather wars," or "RNG abuse" to describe their teams.

Once you turn Pokemon into nothing but numbers and computer-assisted (read: cheated) Pokemon, it loses the magic.

Catch your favorite Pokemon, breed for good moves/natures, and maybe EV train if you REALLY want to, but that is as far as "competitive" should get.

Me and my friends are happy playing it old school - Catch, train, battle.

HawtPaws1888d ago

I should add that it sucks when you go online, just to encounter hacked teams left and right. I think the competitive community will get cut in half when X and Y make it near impossible to use hacked Pokemon. Hopefully that will balance out the playing field a bit online.

lifeordeath6171888d ago

i just cant picture pokemon in a tournament scene. I should do some research on this EV training

MakiManPR1888d ago
I also suggest you Pokemon Showdown(Google it).

Trust once you know how complicated and complex is Pokemon it will blow your mind.