Media Create hardware sales (9/30 - 10/6)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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ErazorDJ1836d ago

PSVita and WiiU is horrible sales

Neonridr1836d ago

yeah when the PSP outsells both the Wii U and Vita.. that's bad

GribbleGrunger1836d ago

The new Vita arrives tomorrow in Japan so I'd say most people have waited.

3-4-51836d ago

Vita & Wii U need back to back to back good games released within 2-4 months of each other to really get it jump started.

Wii U - Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World, Wind Waker HD, are all being released soon or soonish.

Vita - Ys Celceta, Ragnarok Odysee Ace, Tearaway, maicious rebirth, Valhalla knights 3

Vita will have even better games releasing in 2014.

both need a good one, two punch combo to really keep the focus on it.

Misaka_x_Touma1836d ago

price cut and bundles are coming why buy now when better value are coming.

also Vita TV

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Concertoine1836d ago

Those vita and wii u sales hurt.
I think its insane how japan receives a portable as good as the vita so poorly. I expected the opposite.

Neonridr1836d ago

Why would you expect the opposite? If anything, Japan alone proves that Nintendo clearly understands the portable market while Sony struggles in that area.

The 3DS sold more units in Japan in the past 2 years than the PS3 did in 8. Clearly Japan is a handheld market, and Nintendo sees that.

Also the Japanese aren't so focused on hardware specs like the NA/Europe markets are. They understand that just because a machine is more powerful, it doesn't automatically make it better. It's the games that count..

Concertoine1836d ago

I understand why the 3ds outsells it, im just surprised the vita doesnt have more of a niche in such a handheld-centric market. Like the psp did.
Its kind of like the gamecube or dreamcast the way it has such a small user base but the software sales are through the roof.

MacrosTheBlack1836d ago

I believe the new Vita model gets released in Japan this week. My guess is that most are holding off for the new model.

Neonridr1836d ago

my guess is more people are waiting for games to show up.

Hicken1836d ago

My guess is that you're trolling.

Neonridr1836d ago

how is that trolling? Why should people in Japan buy a Vita if there are no good games for it save for a couple? That is stating a clearly obvious fact. But suddenly I am a fanboy? Yes, I own a 3DS, and I want to see it do well, but if a console/handheld has no games on it, why should anyone buy it? It's a similar predicament with the Wii U, however it isn't just a games factor with them, the are competing with more powerful hardware in the XB1 and PS4. The Vita is clearly the dominant choice hardware wise, yet people aren't snatching it up. Because ultimately without games it becomes a really powerful paperweight.

Hicken1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Define "a couple." Cuz there are about as many good games for Vita as there are for 3DS.

The "it has no games" argument is entirely dependent upon people knowing about the games. It would be one thing if the games simply weren't there, but that's not the case. Rather, the argument is being made by people who either don't know about how many games there are; or who do know, but for some reason are using various excuses to disqualify those games.

Which category are you in?

The ironic thing is Vita owners are constantly listing 20+ games that are worth buying, and news is weekly being made about upcoming titles with potential if not promise. But for some odd reason, people like you- people without the device- keep saying there's nothing to play.

The least you could do is educate yourself on the subject.

Edit: The most likely reason the Vita would drop in sales is because there's a new model coming out soon. After all, have you not noticed that it had established a new baseline weekly sales rate? In order for that to drop, there would have to be bad news about the Vita, or some good news to make someone want to hold off.

Logically, wouldn't the fact that a new model's on the way be a bigger hindrance than a nonexistent lack of games?

Neonridr1836d ago

You still seem to be missing the whole point. A lot of the games that MOST people list as Vita games to own either haven't released in Japan or gamers there don't care for those types of games.

Regardless if a new model is coming out, that wouldn't change the end result. If there are not enough games that people want to buy over there, a fix is not releasing a slim version of the Vita or whatever.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt in that perhaps some people who were on the fence about purchasing it might wait. But if you suddenly think that when the new model comes out they are going to be selling 20k+ per week you are crazy.

What was the Vita's weekly baseline sales rate that you mentioned? like 10k?

Anyways, we shall see if this new model makes any difference sales wise, but I'm guessing until the Vita can get titles like Monster Hunter (not counting Frontier G which is nowhere near as good as the regular series) or Pokemon (which obviously will never happen), then Vita will never look to do the kinds of sales that the 3DS does.

I'm all for competition and I want the Vita to be healthy and survive. After all, competition breeds innovation.

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The_Villager1836d ago

My guess is they decided to buy a 3DS instead.

ritsuka6661836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

And here comes the excuses of fanboys.. anyways, good sales for 3DS.

TongkatAli1836d ago

I'm not going to make excuses, Vita sales are horrible and a lot of people don't want it. I love mine, but i'm not going to be delusional to the fact most people don't want one, lol.

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360GamerFG1836d ago

It prints money. Go 3DS.
Oh Vita, to be outsold week in and week out by margins of up to 45 times to 1 can't be too encouraging.
And to think people thought NGP would dominate this gen.

fabod861836d ago

The new PSVita model is out tomorrow... what did you expect? oO

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