Astro Headset To Deliver Voice Chat Functionality Over PSN Upon Release of Post-Launch PS4 Firmware

Finally an official confirmation arrived, Astro Headset will be 100% compatible with the PS4. In a recent email sent to a fan (snapshot below) Astro stated: "We can say with 100% certainly that our headset will deliver Dolby Digital Audio on PS4, just like they do for PS3. Our headset will also deliver full voice chat functionality over Playstation Network upon's Sony's release of a post launch-launch PS4 firmware update".

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LackTrue4K1838d ago

Thiz are the best headsets on the market, unlike the other cheap stuff that is supported by the other Console.

guitarded771838d ago

Maybe so... I don't know. I'll stick with my Pulse Elite headset for now though. It works great for sound and chat, and will also work with PS4.

patsrule3161838d ago

What is the difference between Astro headsets and the Pulse Elite headset? I am not familiar with Astro, and was looking at possibly getting a Pulse Elite when I get my PS4.

Caleb_H1838d ago

If you want a gaming headset, then you want an astro.

DA_SHREDDER1838d ago

If you want overrated and ripped off, get Astro.

Jamaicangmr1838d ago

Have you ever used the Pulse Elite sir? Better yet have you tried them both? If so please elaborate on why you think the Astro is better.

LackTrue4K1838d ago

The Pulse Elite headset are great. I love the fact that there simple plugins and are full wireless with surround sound and are priced right.

Only thing I hate about Astros are there price. And waaaaaaay to many dam wires even when there wireless, there's too many wires to keep track off.


You should step up to the a50's.... eliminates the wires, only one from the headset to the controller.

LackTrue4K1838d ago

I'll consider that, DaGRJI8JIBRALTAR

The only thing I found uncomfortable with my elite pulse is i would sweet around the ear too much.

And I just bot a set of Astros A* (in ear Astros) just for the fact that the new PlaySatation controller has a built in jack. I tried them out the first time on my laptop and I was like "WOW!!" The sound they gave is amazingly detailed!!!!!!!!!

ImG2theB1838d ago

The PS4 controller jack doesn't do surround sound.

thejigisup1838d ago

Get the pulse elite, by no means will you be disappointed. I use them for everything now, you will be very pleased with your purchase. I know video game devs have the ability to release game specific sound modes(equalizer) bioshock infinite has one, madden has one so the game is heard the way it was meant to be heard. This maypick up as time goes on, just a nice feature to have and the sony pulse elite is damn sexy.

JimmyLmao1838d ago

the mic on astro a40 headsets is so terrible.. it makes you sound tinny and almost robotic and 50 years old, lmao. the audio quality is good though

Idba1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I have the Pulse Elite, and i LOVE them! I use them to play, watch movies, listen to music and sometimes on my xperia Z. My friends says the mic is high quality, and the best thing is that its uses a wireles USB hub you can connect to any usb input. I higly recommend these, but i havent tried any Astro headsets, so i cant comment on them. But you should wait untill you get your PS4 before you buy any headset, because there will be many new next gen headsets. (example is PX4 from Turtle Beach)

tip: If you get the Pulse, you should download the app manager. It lets you add or remove different sound modes. Some devs also release their own sound mode, Like the GTA V, Bioshock and TLOU sound modes.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I have both...gonna be using the pulse elites with my ps4 and the A50's with the one whenever an adapter becomes available. The pulse elites sound great and they're cheaper than the astros but battery life is shorter. Really nice build quality also. They look far more expensive than they are. You can't go wrong with the elites.

FITgamer1838d ago

I've never used Astro, but if they are anything like Turtle Beaches they have better sound quality. I've owned both versions of Sony wireless headsets they are good headsets especially for the price, but the sound quality of the PX 5 is definitely better, plus you can fully customize the audio. For shooters footsteps are more defined, gunfire direction is easier detected, and i hear things such as bugs flying by that i never heard with Pulse. They just have and overall more crisp audio. The only downside is price, $250.

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Parasyte1838d ago

I know a few friends that have had Astros, and while they are good headsets, every one of them prefer the Turtle Beach PX5.

xReDeMpTiOnx1838d ago

I've owned the turtle beach p21 and tritton ax pro and 720 and all of those fail in comparison to the a40's I now have been rocking for a few years.

Best gaming investment I have ever made.

Good to know my a40 will work

JetsFool35001838d ago

My 720 is an iron man been running strong for 4 years

isarai1838d ago

Eh, i'll stick with my pulse headset, got no complaints about it really, sound is stellar, far better than those turtle beach "Gaming" headsets they have in every game isle and far cheaper to

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