NZGamer: Street Fighter IV Preview - Shaping up to be another instant classic

NZGamer writes: "Although Soul Calibur has the tag line "The legend will never die", it seems more appropriate to apply it to Street Fighter. Although it's been over ten years since the last original entry in to the Street Fighter series, it's never left the public consciousness.

Sure, this is helped by the fact that the games, especially Street Fighter II, are constantly re-released, but when a game is this good it's not really a bad thing. However, Capcom is now getting ready to bring Street Fighter to the next generation with the release of Street Fighter IV.

The most interesting part of Street Fighter IV is how it manages to make itself both new and familiar at the same time. Caught between a rock and a hard place, it was expected to remain true to the 2D gameplay of the originals yet feature cutting edge graphics."

The Good:
-Looks set to stay true to the originals.

The Bad:
-Looks a little too similar to Street Fighter EX.

The Ugly:
-The inevitable Street Fighter IV Super Happy Fighting Edition Turbo Deluxe

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REPLOID243834d ago

if they just stopped adding huge freakish thumbs, hobbit feet, and othe malformalities to SF characters.