New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots Show Vanille and More Costumes

Square Enix just released a new batch of screenshots of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and detailed a new online social sharing feature for the game.

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Nerdmaster1834d ago

I wonder if it's just me who thinks that the plot is a giant mess. Including Vanille (AKA the worst FF character ever) doesn't really help.

Abriael1834d ago

It's not just you, but i disagree.

Tdmd1834d ago

You are always so polite, I admire your posture. It's refreshing around here. :)

vishmarx1834d ago

maybe its just me ,but the game seems to have the best jrpg battle system in a long time.
having played a crap ton of jrpg in the past few months(xillia,graces f,ni no kuni,neptunia,valkyria chronicles and white knight chroniclesetc)
the battle sytem of these games look soo boring compared to this.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1834d ago

still w8ing for that squall costume.

kayoss1834d ago

Didnt this chick die in the last final fantasy game? I swear to god i threw her ass off the cliff before ending the game.
I really hope this game is better then the last two. If this game turns out to be bad, I'm not into MMO's but i'm willing to start playing Final fantasy 14 to get my fix until Final fantasy 15 is released.

TiberusX871834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I played this game @ EB Expo last weekend. To be honest, I was really surprised at how different it is to it's predecessors - At least mechanically.

The battle system is fantastic, especially as you can actually move Lightning around/attack in realtime. Although, it still has a tactical feel instead of action. Additionally, players can customise various load-outs that can switched between instantly using L1/R1. Essentially, think combining the positive battle system elements from both X-2 & XII together.

I think if fans have low expectations, they may be surprised.