Dragon’s Crown Fans Rejoice: New Patch Will Allow PS3 and PS Vita Cross Platform Multiplayer

One of the few flaws of Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown is that it didn’t allow cross platform gameplay between players using the PS3 and PS Vita version. Luckily, that’s going to change with the patch released today in Japan, and that will probably follow soon on the North American version. At long last you’ll be able to play with your friends regardless of the platform they’re using.

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Thehyph1837d ago


That's awesome. Absolutely awesome.

iNcRiMiNaTi1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I said the same exact thing when I saw the title...except the "absolutely awesome" part but I do agree :D

insomnium21837d ago

I just recieved that my copy of this game (for Vita) has been shipped from Zavvi with the artbook. Good times! Finally I'm able to play this.

My_precious1837d ago

oh well, i think i'll keep playing this game offline then, don't want some hacked item from a random player ruin my save file

Abriael1837d ago

What does this have to do with hacked items?

My_precious1837d ago

it's a major problem with hacked item in this game compare to diablo 3's problem

if you are playing with online ppl with hacked item, you will have a chance to recuit that player's bone as your comparison, the problem that, this bone xome with the hacked item and this item will make your save corrupt, i don't know if the recent patch fix it yet because i have been played this game offline for awhile to avoid this headace problem

miyamoto1837d ago

Dude, when you said Dragon's Crown fans Rejoice , I thought Vanillaware announced a sequel! Almost got my blood pressure surging!

plmkoh1837d ago

Picking up bones means nothing, since you choose to resurrect them or bury them.

Inception1837d ago

I never got any problem with my save file when i picked bones / item from random players. And this is the 1st time i ever heard this case.

memots1837d ago

does it allow move bounce ?

miyamoto1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

this is awesome news!
Its always great to have alittle help from many new teamates to defwat a freaking boss for a talisman. saves lots of time and money.
Vanilla ware made the Amazon a bit less durable so more evasive manuvers and blocking/parrying skills are needed.

gonna be playing this game for quite a while more. i have the other 5 classes to master.

so hooked on this master piece

Sega you can keep Golden Axe and Guardian Heroes HD I found true sequels

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The story is too old to be commented.