GTA V cutscene glitch breaks the 4th wall (minor spoiler)

Open world games are notorious for their weird glitches. Grand Theft Auto V is no exception.

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Bathyj1887d ago


I cant believe I played the whole game and didnt realise they were Terminators.

creeping judas1887d ago

Too funny!! That is one major glitch. Certainly didn't happen to me during that cut scene.

BattleTorn1887d ago

Now just imagine if all the cutscenes glitched like this for that player

LordDhampire1887d ago

whats so funny? I feel like a wasted 3 minutes of my life

Polysix1887d ago

oh come off it, that is funny, more so the way the police are holding back as if in danger from a cosy sofa chat. LOL

gigoran1887d ago

bleh... someone watches Kotaku. Big surprise.

thejigisup1887d ago

Can someone explain just how the fourth wall is broken here?

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