Rumor: Uncharted 2 to take place in India?

It turns out that the 'Strange Relic' treasure from Uncharted is actually a Precursor Orb from the Jak & Daxter universe. The orb has some unique markings on it that, when translated, say "Naughty Dog" and "Manmad".

A quick Google search will teach you that Manmad is a city in India, so perhaps that's where the next game will take place.

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NO_PUDding3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )


I was concocting some concept art, to start an extensive rumour that it was going to be set in the Antartic.

Back to the drawing board.

NO_PUDding3835d ago

I agree Sonarus.

Anyone else realise on something circular like an egg, it could just as easily be Mad Man. Which could be an equally obscure thing, or a hint at how much time the guy wasted by decoding it.

Naughty Dog like stuff like that, in Uncharted there was tombstones that joked in Spanish that if you translated it you had too much time. Or something.

sonarus3835d ago

Don't want to discredit him or anything because he could be right but i strongly doubt it.

Lifendz3834d ago

Could have a stage in Tokyo but go through the rural parts of Japan. Would've been interesting. India is good though.

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cmrbe3835d ago

and for some reason for me it seems to fit. Actually China will be cool as well.

gonzopia3835d ago

Fitting, seeing as the first game was compared to Indiana Jones in many ways, whose second installment also took place in India.

Rice3835d ago

Finnaly i can have some basmati rice..

ICUP3835d ago

I thought the second game would be set in Canada, oh well. :(

devilhunterx3835d ago

so if we shoot indians, would that make the game racist again? :P

cmrbe3835d ago

Yeah.The whole racist claim was BS

marichuu3835d ago

Haha, really? The game got claimed racist?
As if germans and russians havent been done to death in war games... no pun intended ;<

devilhunterx3835d ago

Sheesh. Some guys are very sensitive. Yahtzee was just being sarcastic.

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The story is too old to be commented.