SteamOS: Destined For Greatness?

From "Well. It’s happened. The biggest announcement in over a decade of PC gaming. Half-Life 3 has been officially trademarked paving the way for an official developer reveal. Sadly that’s a story for another day, but I’ve been waiting to write that sentence for far too long so it seemed the logical way to start a discussion of SteamOS.

It’s time to assess the possibilities of Valve’s (unsurprising) shift towards controlling your entire gaming life through SteamOS, its accompanying hardware and the invention of a fancy new controller that the developer (or should they be called a hardware manufacturer now?) claims will be more accurate, intuitive and ergonomic for video gaming."

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skydragoonity1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Who knows? Time will tell.. Personally I'll get one cus i need to play those amazing pc games i only read about

UltimateMaster1838d ago

The Steam OS shows a lot of potential.
It's free, how can it fail?

flipflopfacts1838d ago

Steam OS is day 1 for me. I've been waiting for a gaming operating system for the longest. I'm done with Microsoft. Though I am not happy it's backed by Nvidia. It's not going to damper my spirits.

ElementX1838d ago

Done with MS? You'll be missing out on a lot of Windows-only titles...

flipflopfacts1838d ago

I'll hold out from buying them until there's a Linux port. As of now my statement still stands.

Perjoss1838d ago

"You'll be missing out on a lot of Windows-only titles..."

There will be more than enough quality games to play that do not require Windows. For so many years MS have had PC gaming in the palm of their hand and they have done basically nothing apart from trying to push people onto the xbox.

Now grab your popcorn, sit back and watch as they are slowly pushed out of the picture.

Crazay1838d ago

I'm torn on my thoughts about this. On one hand I think it could be sweet, but on another I can't help but wonder if we really need another system. I dunno, I'll be watching this from a distance. Normally as an early adopter I'd jump on it but this one I'm really unsure of how it will go.

OrangePowerz1838d ago

SteamOS was the only announcement I'm interested in will for sure install it as a second OS to see how it does.