GTA Online Patch 1.03 Available Now for PS3, Disables R2 Mission Restarting And More

Rockstar Games has just released new patch 1.03 for Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer portion of GTA V. The update is available for download on PS3, ant it weighs around 30MB in size.

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Sizzon2745d ago

I hope it does something.. last night was a nightmare joining friends and crew members >.< so buggy

malokevi2745d ago

I'm on 360, but I noticed the same thing. Although, last night was my first time actually getting into a game... which was pretty cool.

The problem I'm seeing is at any point when you try to connect to another persons game/job. I can easily do a private game... I can sometimes host a job successfully... but joining other peoples jobs/servers is almost impossible.

It would be nice if I could host a public game of freemode.

FragMnTagM2745d ago

check your NAT settings for your router. Somehow my open settings were fiddled with on my console, ( I think my son did it, lol). But after that, I have had no problems.

A buddy of mine had a moderate nat, showed him how to open them, and now he has no problems.

For PS3:

malokevi2745d ago

Thanks, that's a good link. Linksys + XBL = a pain in mein @$$! I've never been able to resolve my NAT issues... but I'll definitely give it another try based on that site. VERY specific.

I was thinking that was the problem.

GarrusVakarian2745d ago

Disables R2 mission restarting?...........Why?

HexxedAvenger2745d ago

Stop people from making money. I heard people been doing missions over for cash. They really want to get that micro transaction going.

waltercross2745d ago

I Agree, R* is getting greedy.

xPhearR3dx2745d ago

I only did it because I lost my character and didn't want to spend another 50 hours online to get back up to level 38. I farmed Violent Duct until level 38 and called it quits, then they patched it this morning. Granted, I did come out with a lot more money than my previous character, but fuck it, for all that crap I had to do to get to where I was, it's only fair.

I'm glad they patched it though. I want this game to last a long time and if everyone is farming to getting millions, it's going to get stupid real quick.

abusador2745d ago

Yeah thats messed up! %ucking Rockstar with that greedy bs, now we cant redo missions? Doing missions over for cash isnt anything wrong.

nugnugs2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

The cynic in me thinks that's why you lose 2K everytime you die. It takes a while to build up enough $ to buy an apartment and I think their banking (pun) on people caving in.
Problems online have cleared up for me the last couple of days and there's some crazy stuff going on now, I'ts awesome.

edit: Did they take away the Baller SUV that gave you 9K when you sell it? Haven't seen one in ages.

NarooN2745d ago

Yeah, it's ridiculous. People were praising the hell out of Rockstar for GTA V, but GTA Online seems like a POS right now. It will probably degrade further whenever they bring in the microtransactions.

I was gonna wait for this game to hit PC and just buy it then, but now I'm having second thoughts. I might just borrow my friend's copy and play through the story and give it back to him...

oONinjavitiSOo2745d ago

I see where you guys might see it that way but I do agree with @xPhearR3dx. I'm glad they patched it. I think it's already too easy to make money and to just spam a mission is dumb unless you're super lazy. In my time on GtaO I've lost 5 characters my $205,000.00 apartment along with the money and I still think it's one the funnest online games I've played since RDR. I'm a lvl 25 now and have had zero problems since the 2nd patch. I don't know why you guys are worried about microtransactions you don't have to purchase them.

@nugnugs yeah the baller is still around. Just at certain times. I have 2 extras in my garage for quick cash. Just grab one when you see it and throw it in you're garage for later.

Dee_Cazo2745d ago

Are you serious? They have new content/missions for you to unlock all the way up to 100.

You think Rockstar made the game with the intention of having you grind out a mission like a shitty MMO?

No, you found an exploit and are mad because you have to play the game now.

Grow up 12 year olds.

StrawberryDiesel4202745d ago

You're right! I went to the ammo shop and purchased a weapon, as I was walking out the game reminded me I can purchase additional "GTA Dollars" on PSN LOL!

GhostTurtle2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Plz explain how it was an exploit. Its funny seeing people getting mad at people getting mad that this is getting patched.

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Rezka2745d ago

It was a glitch in the first place...


No, in first place you could simply choose to replay the mission, there was this nice replay option/button there and everything.

HmongAmerican2745d ago

Thanks to IGN for making a video showing how to do that glitch. I knew the moment when IGN and other gaming site release videos showing how to do the R2 glitch that RockStar are going to patch it.

GarrusVakarian2745d ago

I t wasn't a glitch it was an exploit. A glitch is manipulating the game to do something that its not supposed to do.

iceman062745d ago

It wasn't just IGN. There were tons of streamers on Ustream and Twitch that were doing this for literally hours. I have seen one entire clan of about 30 people who have leveled up to damn near level 100 and each has over 21 million dollars PLUS the 400K apartment and a 10 car garage full of premium vehicles.

BoriboyShoGUN2745d ago

Yeah I hate when IGN or idiots like Major Nelson get online just spilling the beans on everything. I couldnt stand when they would tell people which cheap ass COD weapons to use with which attachments. Like dam if u cant figure out your own weapon choice just get off multiplayer.

franko2745d ago

Microtransactions??? After this fiasco of biblical proportions, they wanna induce microtransactions??? AHAHAHAHA, what a bunch of greedy sobs.

jay22745d ago

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr not good at all :@

ufo8mycat2745d ago

I really don't understand people who exploit things like the R2 replay thing

It ruins the game - the fun

Theres no satisfaction in leveling up this way compared to legitimately.

Why ruin the game for yourself?

ExCest2745d ago

It's quick cash. If you only do jobs (not missions) and not always come out in first place, it might take up to a whole hour just to make comparatively little to a mission.

wsoutlaw872745d ago

so? youre grinding through something that was supposed to be fun so you can reach a level?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2745d ago

I never really used it unless I failed a mission(I mean you couldn't use it to restart a mission you passed any more anyway from the last patch) but how the hell is a mechanic THEY implemented an exploit? It's not cheating or anything.

mydyingparadiselost2745d ago

If the R2 mission replay ruins the game then doesn't that mean microtransactions ruin it too?

soniqstylz2745d ago

Of course not -- Rockstar doesn't make money from R2 replays.

ziggurcat2745d ago

no because you can ignore micro-transactions, and obtain everything through natural progression.

it affects nothing, so it's pointless to even complain about it.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2745d ago


Can't you just ignore R2 as well? Stupid argument much?

oONinjavitiSOo2745d ago

@Kenshin_BATT0USAI actually there is a difference. With micro transactions you only get money where as the replay exploit gets you money and rp points which help you rank up. So I think they took it away as a way to slow down the rate of leveling up too fast. Now if you could buy rp points then you might have an argument.

mydyingparadiselost2745d ago

@Ninja Aren't the patches taking the extra money earned off of games as well? If it was just the rp why would they snag the cash back? Also I'm sure the inclusion of microtransations affected the amount of money you can earn in missions which does affect the design. It's hard to ignore something that has a direct effect on the programming of the in game economy, these are the kinds of bumbling mistakes that ruined Diablo 3, Dead Space 3, Simcity and many others. Strapping a F2P model on a $60 game is bad business for the customer.

oONinjavitiSOo2745d ago

@mydyingparadiselost I haven't noticed any reduction in money. Still get the Same $14,000.00 on completeing survival missions on wave 10, same from armored truck heists and even get the usual $9,000.00 from selling the baller to Los Santos customs. Maybe I'm missing something but I haven't noticed any changes.

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