ME Gamers: Viking Battle for Asgard Review

ME Gamers writes: "Viking: battle for Asgard is the latest game from Creative Assembly, developer of the famous "Total War" series. The company has worked on different races and cultures in their previous games; from Shoguns of Feudal Japan and knights of middle ages to Spartans and the Roman Kingdom and this time they have a story from the Norsemen: The brutal Vikings. While the previous games were based more or less on actual history facts and strategy game elements, Viking: battle for Asgard is based on Norse mythology and is an open world hack and slash game.

In Asgard –the land of the gods- a great battle has been started, and goddess Hel, who hasbeen banished from Asgard has gathered an army of resurrected dead Vikings and has taken the war to the mortal world in order to bring back Fenrir – The wolf god – and with its power destroy the Asgard realm and the gods themselves. So, Odin the chief god asks Freya the god of war to defeat Hel and her minions. Freya chooses Skarin a great warrior from the land of men and by giving him the immortality and a promise for a place in Valhalla –the heaven like place in Norse mythology- Skarin agrees to participate in the gods' war, but the ending is not what he had hoped for."

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