Rockstar on Missing 'GTA Online' Characters: Don't Make a New One

8CN: A lot of Grand Theft Auto Online players have been frustrated by the game's less than smooth launch. Some players have been stuck on the tutorial, while others haven't been able to connect at all. Even worse are the reports that some players have had their entire characters disappear.

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showtimefolks1838d ago

I know a lot of people are mad at how GTA online hasn't functioned the way it's suppose to but give it some time, it will get there. I hope the PC and next gen versions don't have to deal with all of this

Also maybe it's just me but I feel like player count should be more on PC and if there are next gen versions

SolidStoner1838d ago

yep, all I hear is that in this scale, R* needs month to do it right...

look at them like at pioneers :) conquering new ground.. and it is kind of a true!

There is no need in PC version right now, they have to fix more important online issues for consoles, and they are doing it!

showtimefolks1838d ago

Yes just imagine now the GTA online will be in 3 months

Very excited

SolidStoner1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I would be more exited if I could play it!

and I can, but there are still many issues!

also, 1 month is acceptable to make it work properly, but 3, is no go, after that time I hope will be playing PS4!

ZBlacktt1838d ago

In one month the Master Race Next Gen drops. Where do you think everyone will be then? Yep, playing Ghost, BF4, Killzone SF, AC4, etc on Next Gen.

hellzsupernova1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Why do they get a free pass? Please tell me how this fiasco is different from diablo 3 or sim city
Hell ea got America's worst company the second time cause of that. Honestly screw rock star, they had two weeks to know what was coming, it is bullshit how gamers are like oh it is ok rockstar it isn't cool to hate on you so we are going to be accepting.

WitWolfy1838d ago

Because unlike Diablo and SC you can still actually play the the single player campaign where with Diablo and SC you couldn't do ANYTHING!!!!

juhh11838d ago

Im not sure about Diablo 3, but This is different from the Sim city fiasco because that made the WHOLE GAME unplayable even single player. Thats not the case here. It is annoying that one week later you can still lose your character in GTA Online, R* deserves a lot of bashing cuz of it but not EA level bashing.
Oh look, they made an alert about save file loss AFTER I lost about 5 generic douchebags. When it works its fun, so I will keep coming back tho.

BX811838d ago

Sorry but no just wait and see for me on this one. They said wait till the 1st for online, we waited and it's broken as hell. I don't care about the scope of the game, that's just an excuse for piss poor beta testing.

zyphee1838d ago

Shut up about next gen, rockstar already said no next gen plans just leave it alone stop clinging to it... PC yes