Famitsu review scores (10/9/13)

Check out the review scores from this week's Famitsu, including high marks for Beyond and Pokemon X/Y.

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r211888d ago

Good to see BTS reviewing well in Japan. Pokemon was no duh gonna do easily well there.

fooltheman1888d ago

I say... Japanese gamers are more open to different ways of telling a story... Or how stories are told isn't that strict...

Their movies prove that.

1888d ago
izumo_lee1888d ago

Japan will probably appreciate Beyond a lot more than those in the west cause they are more accepting of games like these. Visual Novel games are quite popular over there so Beyond will be recieved well.

Cerberus21251888d ago

It has been appreciated greatly by this western gamer.

Inception1888d ago

I'm still confused why the majority of western gamers / media don't appreciate / hated games like Beyond 2 Souls. But not just Beyond 2 Souls, a couple days ago i saw a lot of reviewer who gave low score for Rain.

thehobbyist1888d ago

You tell me how many games give you the option to circumcise a baby with SCISSORS. Not surgical scissors or other actual medical equipment. $3 at Walmart scissors.

N4realGMRZ1888d ago

Let me guess........ Famitsu is now a great media house..........