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Pixels for Breakfast writes: World War II fighter pilots were crazy. I’m convinced! Who in their right mind would climb into these rickety buckets of bolts in order to serve their country? I recently spent some time previewing War Thunder, the latest free-to-play war simulator to capture my attention. While it was confusing at first, I’m not at the point where I can’t put it down, and I’m seriously considering spending money. I’ll stop blabbing for now, just watch my Just The Tip preview.

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hellzsupernova1837d ago

This is a very awesome game! Especially for a free to play however it is sooooo damn close to pay to win, the grinding gets painful to earn that next level of plan.

I have put 40 hours in so far and gta took me away for three days then I was back into war thunder seriously good game. I don't know how the ps4 version will fear as I tried using a controller on my pc and after using the keyboard mouse I just couldn't do it, I think the pc players will have the advantage when the ps4 version launches

hellerphant1837d ago

I just started playing, and I've played a lot of flight sims in the past, but I can't get a kill. I feel most of my enemies are overpowered and are easily taking me out before I get the chance. Keen to play more though.