Forza Motorsport 5 Xbox One Hands On Gameplay

Press Start Australia got the chance to go hands on with Forza 5 Motorsport on the Xbox One at EB Expo.

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4Sh0w1929d ago

Yeah Forza 5 looks awesome.

3-4-51929d ago

Forza is such a good quality series. If I ever get a XB1, this would be one of the first games I'd get.

memots1929d ago

Same here. So far its the only game that scream at me to get a Xbo. But i can't justify 500$ + just for this game. So i wait and see.

1929d ago
NatureOfLogic1929d ago

Hopefully they can get a day one patch for those shadows.

ape0071929d ago ShowReplies(4)
Alvidta1929d ago

Do I see some butt-hurt Magoo? why are people so defensive I will never know.
If we're talking about specs.. Sure the Xbox suck, but so does the PS4 both ain't next-gen and are pretty much going to be out-dated already.
If you want GRAPHICS - PC is the way to go. It must suck though knowing you're going for the crappy console.

Hufandpuf1929d ago

When I played it hands on the cars looked really good, but the tracks were severely lacking In Textures. The tracks looked horrible, however it wasn't the final build so I'm sure it will look fine when it's released. Although my biggest disappointment in the next gen consoles are the lack of sufficient anti aliasing. It really takes away from the visuals.

dp_simbol1929d ago

real life laguna seca is one of the dullest track visually, google it. i think turn 10 did a great job replicating laguna seca.

Animal Mutha 761929d ago

You and I must have played different games then. Forza 5 Laguna Seca looked great very similar to the project cars version I saw. The track itself is a bit boring, not the games fault.

dp_simbol1929d ago

yes, i played all kinds of racing games and i enjoyed every one of them, played GT, forza ,burnout, nfs, grid etc. Except shift series, the control is kinda hard even in easiest difficulty.

Pancit_Canton1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

The Real Arcade Simulator..

F - First
O - Official
R - Racing
Z - Zig Zag
A - Arcade

Godoftheweek1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

The best pre baked lighting. The best fake shadows. The best floaty driving physics. The best company employees praising themselves. The best bumper car physics. The best swapping out of car models to fake damage.
The best design a driving game too work with a controller and not a wheel "simulation" racing game.

All of these are the best qualities of the Real Arcade Simulator. ;-)

You can disagree all you like, however everything I mentioned are based in facts. All of them are, or have been a part of this series. With F5, it seems that all of them still are a staple of this series. The floaty driving feel is the only one that is purely an opinion, so my bad for that.

@gameonbro, do tell... where is this butthurt you speak of? I am poking fun at this series for its shortcomings, that is all I am doing.

@4logpc, I don't consider myself a fanboy. Maybe to others I am, and that's ok.

4logpc1929d ago

You fanboys are relentless.

drsfinest721929d ago

King troll has arrived!

Reported for trolling

flipflopfacts1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

don't tell them facts. most people who are on here are defensive and don't keep up to date with news and facts. even if you tell them they'll label you as fanboy regardless if it's true. people are ill informed and a lot of them dink a lot of Microsoft kool aid.

Edit: its like watching ostriches stick their heads in the sand and later coming back telling you it ain't true.

Animal Mutha 761929d ago

Why do you feel the need to do that? Have you played F5 yet? It's very good even from just the demo I played.

The amount of agrees you got just sums this site up. smh....

christocolus1929d ago shamless got no pride or dignity.... it seems you jobless too why dont you go play beyond or something.

TheKayle11929d ago

i enjoy in every forum how ppl of 15/16 years old talk about simulation of driving like pros....take ur fuckin drive a car with more than 400cv get a degree in physics

or just shut the fuckin up a nd play that "GAME" coz yea is a game

what wrong with prebacked lightin? this hurt what?! having the sun (with all the shadow ) moving x500 (i would say x6000 times) times faster than in the reality in a driving game dont give u anything of more realitist if not making everything more fake

Gondee1929d ago

Those sounds like facts.... seems legit

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1929d ago

Forza is the one game people don't accept reviews on. The last of Us... look at review scores... Uncharted... look at review scores. God of War.. same.

But for some reason, when Forza is brought up as the Champion this gen for sim racers on console.... all of a sudden nobody wants to look at the Forza reviews. They turn their heads on GT5 reviews. They scream out!! B-b-b-b-b-but look at the sales! Yet games like COD and Madden review well.. maybe COD doesn't rate as low as GT5 did... but... well, I'm sure you guys see what I'm saying.

Shall be interesting when GT6 comes out to see if review scores matter for GT again.

BitbyDeath1929d ago

You should just enjoy the game yourself rather than relying on reviews of games.

Reviews are just others opinions and won't be your own.

pete0071929d ago

Not as much as gt séries where wallriding is the national sport and collisions are all the same, go to nogrip forums or wmd portal and look for gt comments and how shitty the séries is. At least forza get more respect from pc simracing community than gt. Ask why

torchic1929d ago

"respect from pc simracing community"

that made me laugh ahahaha who again? LOL come back when Forza gets "respect" from actual people who drive actual cars, for an actual living.

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shadowT1929d ago

I have expected a bigger graphical evolution. Anyways, cars are already looking nice.

BitbyDeath1929d ago

Launch titles are rarely huge jumps in graphics. 2nd/3rd waves are the big leaps.

shadowT1929d ago

True, 2nd or 3rd wave will be the big NextGen jump. However, I was expecting something different after all Forza trailers.

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