The Worst Games Of This Generation - Part 2

Justin from TMSGamer continues his article on this worst games he's played this generation with part two.

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STK0261929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Final Fantasy 13, while not as good as its predecessors, is still a relatively good RPG. Worthy of the Final Fantasy name and legacy? Probably not, but there are dozens of worse RPGs to have seen the day during this generation.

Kane and Lynch Dog Days, for me, was quite enjoyable, as long as I had someone to play with. It's by no mean a great game, but as far as couch co-op games go, it was okay, and, while not for everyone, the story was different and actually had me care about the characters.

As for the 3 other games, I must agree, they were pretty bad and had very little fun to offer. But, just like in the first part of this list, I feel the author is not listing the absolute worst games of the generation, but only those who went somewhat mainstream. Plenty of obscure JGRPs, action games and Call of Duty clones were way worse than anything listed.

Hicken1929d ago

When they start targeting games that haven't even released and calling them the "worst," you know they're just fishing.

I was contemplating a click until I saw that.

chadboban1929d ago

Every single game on this list was released. What are you talking about?

Hicken1929d ago

I see XIII-3 in the tags, otherwise known as Lightning Returns. If that's not true, then that tag needs to be changed.

Wni01929d ago

call of duty is repetitive. it is not a bad game. lowest i would give is a 7/10 MAYBE a 6/10 CoD4 is one of the best games from this generation

STK0261929d ago

I wasn't referring to Call of Duty games, but rather the poor man's Call of Duty games some publishers rushed to the market in order to hop in the CoD bandwagon.

GentlemenRUs1929d ago

Simon cowell knows best!

Also I agree with some of those games.

silkrevolver1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I think the word they're looking for is "disappointing."

PS3Freak1929d ago


Article is crap from a crap site.

dillhole1929d ago

Duke Nukem Forever was an ugly, glitchy, dated mess of a game. So how come the single player campaign managed to hold my attention much longer than any COD, Battlefield, Gears Of War or Halo campaign this generation? I know it's a terrible game, but through all the flaws, I still had a blast playing it. It felt like a PS2 game in a good way.

Lykon1929d ago

that's interesting ... i wanted to play duke nuken after seeing that you had to put your finger into an anus to open a door, but was put off by reviews. I agree with you though, it can't be as bad as COD. My personal worst game this gen was heavy rain.

dillhole1928d ago

The best way to play it: expect nothing, read the reviews, prepare for it to suck worse than anything you have played before, then play and realise that it's quite fun.

gaelic_laoch1929d ago

Most disappointing for me was Dead Island :(

CanadianTurtle1929d ago

I'm glad that game ended up being crap. Maybe now people will learn not to buying something just because it has zombies in it. Not only that, people should never fall for touchy/depressing trailers.

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