Sucker Punch on inFamous: Second Son: We Were Ready “To do Another Cole Game”, Why They Didn’t

Since this story delves into major spoilers for anyone who hasn’t completed inFamous 2, turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined. - PSLS

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Sitdown1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Pretty simple and straightforward logic.......but I am not surprised that more people completed the positive arc. On that note, I don't care what they say.....I still expect Cole sometime before I die.

PS3Freak1835d ago

I believe that most people play the game good first, and then follow with an additional play-through on evil.

For inFamous I played it good and then evil. But this time around I only played it good. I didn't play it the second time.

That may be why more have finished the good arc.

coolasj1835d ago

Yes. It's kind of a stigma that most people follow but, there's really no way to twist the numbers to find out what they would be without it.

FamilyGuy1835d ago

They should've just done a poll to see what we wanted but I'm happy with the new character, his powers are already cool than Coles an a new story is always welcomed.

ssj271835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

True but we are naturally good.

we just do the evil bad karma in the game for fun, trophy and to see how the plot is when we choose the bad karma.

We humans are naturally good kind but can be very bad if out ego takes control of us, we stop been us when that happen..

Kryptix1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Hopefully he comes back at one point as DLC or a new game. I don't think Sucker Punch are going to dismiss Cole entirely and they can always bring him back. Remember, Kessler came into Cole's world from a different outcome/timeline. Maybe we'll see Cole again from the evil ending of Infamous 2 meet Delsin at some point. Like there were two Coles, one good and one evil in a different dimension or something. A lot of ideas and possibilities can happen about that.

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Eonjay1835d ago

Because we killed him. Thays why.

showtimefolks1835d ago

sucker punch
and PD with GT series

both teams are so small yet produce awesome games, i watched the PD documentary and it was astonishing that after the game completes many of them actually compete in professional racing

and sucker punch are just awesome since PS2 days, always loyal to sony and sony always loyal to SP

can't wait to see how they progress through this gen

r211835d ago

SuckerPunch, just show me an old Zeke or an easter egg of Cole and Ill be happy as a clam.

Reverent1835d ago

I really want to see a reference to Zeke's "Dunbar Beam". It would be so easy. It has to happen.

ZBlacktt1835d ago

That's my only problem with series. I start to become attached to the character I'm playing. So when they go away, it's very much like starting over from scratch.

pr0t0typeknuckles1835d ago

true i get attached to characters also but infamous actually has a reason to do it,cole is actually dead,its not like when they switched alex mercer with heller, or dante for nero,where these characters werent dead,they should have been the protagonist of theyre games,and for some stupid reason alex is now evil and dante is just playing uncle,

ZBlacktt1835d ago

Yes, but all people know about Infamous is Cole, lol. So we are all at a new beginning. So we have to remember this is Infamous still. Take all we knew and now saying you are this person, bond again.

pr0t0typeknuckles1835d ago

well i do think that we'll see cole again,and its because this game is called infamous second son,not 3,lol,and i just realized that maybe the numbered games will be about cole,but spin-offs like second son will be about another conduit with different powers,infamous 3rd son could be about a guy with water powers for example,

ZBlacktt1835d ago

Maybe Co-Op with both together! HHHmmmmmm, lol. Either way looking forward to the game. It looks very very good on Next Gen PS4.

kidhero991835d ago

To me the good ending was always the canonical choice with the evil side being more of a What if.

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