The Steam Machine: Great in Concept, Not Reality

TJark Hartmann From expresses his opinion on the new Steam machine. In his own words: Ah, the Steam Machine. In case you aren’t in the loop, the steam machine is now the official name of Valve’s new product which was called ‘Steam Box’ before. I personally like the name Valve gave their new product. It’s got a nice ring to it. Now, when it comes to the actual Steam Machine.. not so much, and I’ll tell you about that later. But first, let’s get into what a Steam Machine is.

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wtopez1836d ago

Ah yes. Another article writing off the Steam Machine. Even though it's being built by a company that's centered 100% around gaming and has been enormously successful at pretty much everything they've done, some people don't see it happening because the controller is weird.

bganci1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

The real issue with the steam machine is the cost. This product most likely wont reach a new audience and will be for the current PC gamers. The guts them self cost over 2000$.

starchild1835d ago

This isn't a console. Some of you don't seem to grasp this. It isn't a traditional PC either.

It is a PC in a more console-like form factor, with a game centered operating system, and can easily be connected to the tv and controlled by a new kind of gamepad.

This is for all of those people out there who are interested in PC gaming--and believe me, there are a lot of them--but who have so far been intimidated by certain aspects of traditional PC gaming.

I see console gamers all the time talking about getting into PC gaming, but many of them say that they don't know how to build a PC and they don't want to have to play with a keyboard and mouse or sit hunched over in front of a tiny monitor at a desk.

The Steam Machines are for such people.

Tiqila1835d ago

funny, I thought the steam machines were for people that own a PC and want to get into console gaming...

I have both, but I prefer playing games on my tv while sitting in my couch. For competitive games like dota 2/scII I prefer my PC. For work I am using Windows/Linux depending on which software I need, but I cant imagine ever using a steam machine for that?!

Orpheus1835d ago

PC gaming is a large market by itself. Even though it will reach console gamers, it doesnt need to , to be successful.

Godmars2901836d ago

Are you talking about the company which both broke a promise concerning DLC for a popular title, release it as a new game instead, or failing to release the third installment of another popular game?

Just as no company is perfect, one which cater to a specific market are not universally known by the general consumer.

And then there's the massive misconception PC gamers have in regards to their own hobby. Not everyone is going to plop down a grand or even $400 for something they're going to have to fret over. Spend another $400 to play a new $60 game, either spending more to install the new part which was old when they bought it.

wtopez1835d ago

"Are you talking about the company which both broke a promise concerning DLC for a popular title, release it as a new game instead, or failing to release the third installment of another popular game?"

I don't see how that impacts what Valve is trying to do with the Steam Machines. I'm more impressed with what it has done in the past 8 years with the creation and growth of Steam, the actual games that they have released or what they're trying to do in regards to hardware. Apparently you're very hard to impress but very easy to disappoint.

"And then there's the massive misconception PC gamers have in regards to their own hobby. Not everyone is going to plop down a grand or even $400 for something they're going to have to fret over. Spend another $400 to play a new $60 game, either spending more to install the new part which was old when they bought it."

I don't know where you're getting this idea from but literally no PC gamer believes that it's easy to "plop down" $400 or $1000. The only massive misconception here appears to be your understanding of what a PC gamer really is.

The fact is that every PC gamer has a Steam Machine. It's as easy as installing the free Steam OS that Valve will release later on, either on a separate SSD/HDD or by dual-boot.

Godmars2901835d ago

Just because I'd rate a game 8/10 doesn't mean that I wouldn't love it much less buy it. Same with Valve, who really haven't done anything but make an online marketplace.

And the fact that you have a PC and apparently are either willing or think others will buy a product when prices have yet to be announced says that a lot of PC gamers don't know themselves.

ATi_Elite1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Hardcore PC Gamer's Opinion:

1. All Steam Machines will play or stream pc games. Backwards and forwards capability is priority ONE.

I already Stream Games from my BEAST PC to my HTPC so i can game in the living room. Steam machine makes it easy so it's no big deal.

2. It's still a PC so you can use what ever controller or KB/m that you want to and that includes Dualshock 4 or XB1 controller. PC or Steam Machine = You have OPTIONS to do what YOU want to.

3. All Steam Machines are upgradable and future proof. Just slap in a new CPU or gpu and Boom your good.

4. Steam Machines are great because you can buy one that is Game ready and fits into your budget then customize later on down the road.

5. customization, upgradability, backwards capability, mods, etc. are all important PC gaming traits and Valve has retained all of this in it's FREE Steam OS.

6. different models and manufacturers means different prices so there will be competition to give gamers the best product for the right price.

if Dell has a Steam machine that cost too much then HP will beat that price or Gateway will beat that price or Rosewill or Corsair or Asus or Gigabyte or MSI or Lenovo or etc..

Valve is not making one size fits all machines so every Hardware manufacturer can make their own configuration and price level. You have choices.

if you do not find a Steam Machine that fits your needs or budget then just build your OWN PC and install the FREE OS.

This is so easy for consumers. I wish all products had this many options.

The SteamOS is what is Important because the OS is a dedicated GAMERS OS unlike Windows which is a business/multi-tasking OS that does good gaming stuff but has FLAWS. Steam OS corrects those flaws and makes things universal NO matter the Hardware or software because it's GAMING FIRST unlike Windows which is gaming SECOND.

7. It's a FRIGGIN PC so therefore it does more than play games so STOP crying if the price is over $400 cause your gonna get more value outta a $600 PC that does EVERYTHING than a $400 toy that ONLY plays games.

try burning a DVD or doing your taxes on a XB1, it's NOT happening but a Steam machine will do these things and more plus play your favorite games so the extra cost justifies the means and long term savings from CHEAP STEAM SALE games puts it all into perspective.

Steam Sale = 15 games for $70 so SHUT UP with the cost issue.

8. If your NOT a Hardcore PC Gamer then DO NOT post your lies about PC Gaming or Steam machine. I'm a dedicated, Exclusive PC gamer, I know what I'm talking about so ask me if you have ANY questions about Steam machine.

It's the most versatile product to fit your gaming budget after building your own PC. Customization, freedom, and control are important to PC Gamers and Steam machine retains ALL of this.

9. Steam Machine is here to help ONLY those Gamers looking to get into PC Gaming the EASIEST way possible. I already have a BEAST PC so I only need the FREE OS but if I didn't I would buy a Steam Machine that fits my needs and budget and be happy.

10. Do not compare STeam machine to consoles cause Steam machine is the NEW entry Gate to PC Gaming and PC Gaming is a different world from consoles. (even though 90% of the console games are on PC)

11. If you like console games ONLY then go buy a PS4 or XB1 and enjoy the great Next Gen console experience but if your looking to get into PC Gaming then buy a Steam Machine or if your advanced then build a Gaming PC.

PC Gaming is all about Choices and control so YOU the Gamer can get the BEST GAMING EXPERIENCE to fit YOUR budget.

KONAAs1835d ago

well my $400 toy has kept me happily playign gor over 5 years now didnt have to worry of updating it i can even use hulu, vudu, amazon instant video, youtube, nhl, even nfl, blurays, ur pc cant play blurays unle su upgrade the drive, if i wana do my taxes i send tem to h&r block long form taxes are a bitch, and guess what i can play in ym 50 inc tv rigt from my bed, ahh the comfort, now stop tryign to say pc gaming is better to each their own, ohh i can eve surf the web on the $400 toy

mechlord1835d ago

Honestly i dont see the appeal of these boxes..

-anyone can build a respectable gaming rig for less than some of the prices thus far announced

-why do i need a pc labeled steambox if i can do everything it does with a good pc? the only advantage i see here is size& portability, plus the sexyness of it

-is this a console or a pc? because to me its seems like a console for pc gamers...

-which brings me to this question: whats the use of having boxes with so different power cabalilities and still say steam guarantees the same experience all across the board? cant people see this is basically a lie? i mean, 6xx/i3 vs titan/i7 ??

I see this just bringing more fragmentation on PC land

bganci1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I understand what you are saying but you are not factoring in the Price!

DeadlyFire1835d ago

Valve is wise really. How many retail stores sell PC hardware? With Steam Machines they could all sell a steam machine box ready for gaming. As no retailer I know of does this currently. As most stores I have known just recommend me to the internet if I can't find a piece of PC hardware.

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vegnadragon1836d ago

I see it as a PC in a box/console form. I can buy any other PC or build one and install steamOS for cheaper. It defeats the purpose of buying one.

WitWolfy1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

This is basically an Openelec OS but for gaming.. I welcome it so stop bitching about the price of the actual pre build model, download the free OS, install it on your current PC and enjoy! Thats what I am going to do..

neogeo1835d ago

Don't forget Valve is a privet company with profit. They don't need to cater to investors. They won't make millions of Steam boxes day 1; let them sit on store shelf's. Valve will follow supply and demand. If the demand is high then will build more steam boxes. If the demand is low they will build less. So either way they won't be sweating bullets like the Big 3 if sales are slow because they have no stock prices to drop. Doom and gloom articals have zero effect on the company.

Rubberlegs1835d ago

The guys issues is with the controller not having enough buttons? It has any many buttons as any current controller and its design so that you that you need to move your thumbs around to those different buttons.
That image above shows exactly how its meant to work. Counting the track pads and touch screen it has a total of 16 buttons. That's more then what a 360 and PS3 controller have.

Sarick1835d ago

Does it have more then the DS4?

annus1835d ago

And can't the trackpads be turned into buttons? Like if you press it at the top you can trigger input? I think I read it had like 8 combinations for each track pad that can be used as buttons.

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